Arione vs Antares What’s The Difference? A Detailed Comparison

Regarding choosing the right saddle for your riding needs, countless options are available on the market. However, two of the most popular and highly regarded choices are the Arione and Antares saddles.

Both are designed by the renowned cycling brand, Fizik, and offer a range of features to provide maximum comfort and performance for riders. While they may appear similar at first glance, several key differences between the two saddles can greatly impact your riding experience.

We will delve into the details on what’s the difference between Arione vs Antares exploring their unique characteristics and functionality. So, let’s take a closer look at the Arione and Antares carbon road cycling saddle and discover what sets them apart from each other.

Arione vs Antares

About Fizik Arione Carbon Road Cycling Saddle

About Fizik Arione Carbon Road Cycling Saddle

The Fizik Arione Carbon road cycling saddle is a high-performance and comfortable piece of equipment. It is crafted with precision using carbon materials, providing an enhanced riding experience on the road. With its sleek and aerodynamic design, this saddle offers great support and stability.

The carbon construction ensures durability, making it suitable for long rides and intense training. Its ergonomic shape accommodates the body’s natural curvature, promoting proper alignment and reducing pressure points for a comfortable riding position. The saddle also features Fizik’s Wing Flex technology, allowing the shell to flex along with the rider.


Arione saddle is the most popular saddle among riders, especially for beginners. It is lighter than other curved saddles and has comfortable padding. It is suitable for both riding and jogging. The Arione saddle is a beautifully simple way to add elegance to your hour’s ride.

The black leather harness style adds an elegant look, with the benefit of supporting your back and preventing sores. The saddle comes with high-quality leather, which is soft and comfortable. Pelvic rotation refers to the movement of the pelvis around its axis.

  • Ergonomic shape for optimal comfort and performance
  • Incorporates Fizik’s Wing Flex technology for added flexibility and comfort
  • Equipped with a pressure relief channel for reduced numbness and discomfort


  • It has a padded seat.
  • Offers firm yet supportive cushioning for efficient power transfer
  • Long and narrow profile for better weight distribution and freedom of movement


  • Expensive compared to other road cycling saddles
  • Some users may find it too firm or uncomfortable for longer rides

About Fizik Antares Carbon Road Cycling Saddle

About Fizik Antares Carbon Road Cycling Saddle

The Fizik Antares Carbon Road Cycling Saddle is a high-performance and technologically advanced saddle designed for road cyclists. It offers exceptional comfort, support, and performance for riders of all levels. Constructed with a carbon fiber shell, it provides a lightweight and durable design for intense rides.

Its ergonomic design relieves pressure points and promotes a comfortable and efficient position on the bike, enhancing power transfer and reducing discomfort. The saddle is also versatile and adjustable. Antares saddle is an excellent choice of saddle widths for riders who want to perform better on their bike fittings.


  • The Antares saddle is very comfortable, allowing for a lot of adjustment.
  • It’s also very easy to adjust.
  • It has a fully adjustable nose and leg straps.
  • It has multiple holes for the mounting and comes with several set screws for adjustment.
  • You can easily mount the Antares saddle on different bikes, and it is also very light.


  • It has a padded seat and backrest.
  • Antares saddle comes with leather.
  • It has a wide seat and a deep seat.


  • Quite expensive compared to other saddles on the market

What’s The Difference of Arione Vs Antares Carbon Road Cycling Saddle

What's The Difference of Arione Vs Antares Carbon Road Cycling Saddle

The Arione is the previous version of the Antares and has been phased out in recent years. The Arione was also used to be known as the Flite when it first came out in 1992. It is much more firm than its successor, the Antares. Despite being marketed by Fizik for several years, the newer generation of riders is not familiar with its unique curve.

The Arione was Fizik’s first product, and it has remained popular among older road cyclists who do not like the rounded profile of the Aliante, Antares, and other newer models. Its use of titanium rails also gives it a lot of flexibility – this allows you to bend the saddle to adjust its position on the rails.

The Arione comes in a variety of colors, and it is available only as the nose-less version (yes, without a nose). You can easily spot an Arione from a mile away because it has a straight topline. Below, we will discuss what’s the difference between Arione vs Antares. 

Specifications Arione Carbon Road Cycling Saddle Antares Carbon Road Cycling Saddle
Shape Long and narrow Medium width with a slight curve
Padding Minimal padding Moderate padding
Shell Material Carbon fiber Carbon fiber
Rail Material Carbon rails Carbon rails
Cutout No cutout No cutout
Flexibility Stiff Moderate flexibility
Suitable for Riders who prefer a firm saddle Riders who prefer a balance between firmness and comfort
Recommended Riding Position Aggressive, forward-leaning Intermediate, slightly more upright

Comfort And Support

Regarding selecting the right bicycle saddle, comfort and support are crucial factors to consider. Two popular options often come up in discussions are the Arione and Antares saddles, manufactured by a renowned cycling equipment company.

The Arione saddle is popular for its long and narrow shape, providing excellent support for riders with an aggressive, forward-leaning riding position. Its flat saddle profile allows for freedom of movement, making it ideal for those who prefer a dynamic and performance-oriented cycling experience.

The Arione saddle also incorporates a flexible carbon rails shell, absorbing road vibrations and providing a smoother ride over rough terrain. On the other hand, the Antares saddle has specific designs with a slightly wider shape and a curvier profile, aiming to provide optimal comfort and support for riders with a more upright or relaxed riding position.

Pressure Distribution

The Arione saddle, known for its sleek and minimalist, flatter design, accommodates riders who prefer a more aggressive riding position. With a longer and narrower shape, the Arione distributes pressure evenly along the sit bones, reducing the strain on soft tissues.

This design allows for efficient power transfer and optimal pedaling performance. The flat shape also makes the Arione look very odd compared to other Fizik saddles – it is actually very hard to tell that the Arione comes from Fizik unless you are well-acquainted with their line of products. Most saddle manufacturers use cutaway sections in the rear, but not Fizik.

On the other hand, the Antares saddle has specific designs with a slightly wider shape and a central channel to relieve pressure on the perineum area. This design is particularly beneficial for riders who prioritize comfort and endurance. By reducing pressure on sensitive areas, the Antares saddle helps to minimize numbness and discomfort during longer rides.

Flexibility And Freedom Of Movement

Flexibility And Freedom Of Movement

The Arione saddle from Fizik is popular for its long and narrow shape, allowing riders to shift their weight and move around easily. It is favored by those who prefer an aggressive, forward-leaning position and engage in high-intensity riding. Its sleek profile and lightweight construction make it popular among competitive cyclists.

On the other hand, the Antares saddle offers a more versatile option with its slightly wider and flatter shape, providing stability and support. It is suitable for endurance riding and balances performance and comfort. Both locations for saddles offer flexibility and freedom of movement. A handy guide can help differentiate between the Arione and Antares saddles.

Performance And Efficiency

The Arione and Antares saddles are two popular choices among cycling enthusiasts regarding performance and efficiency. The Arione saddle is popular for its sleek and minimalist design, perfect for riders who prioritize flexibility and an aggressive riding position. Its long and narrow shape allows for free movement and reduced friction, enhancing overall performance. Speed is a crucial factor that sets Arione apart from Antares.

On the other hand, the Antares breakthrough comfortable saddle offers a slightly wider and cushioned platform, striking a balance between comfort and performance. It is ideal for riders who prefer a more upright position and value long-distance comfort.

Choosing The Right Saddle For You

Choosing The Right Saddle For You

When comparing the Arione and Antares saddles, it’s important to consider your individual riding style, body type, and personal comfort preferences. Ultimately, the right breakthrough saddle for you will depend on these factors.

Understanding the differences between the Arione and Antares saddles is essential in choosing the right one for your cycling endeavours. Whether you prioritize speed and performance or comfort and support, both saddles offer distinct features that cater to different riding styles. By considering your individual preferences and seeking expert advice, you can make an informed decision that enhances your cycling experience.

What Do Fizik R Numbers Mean?

Fizik R numbers are for riders to compare their frames. The R stands for relative, and the number tells you how much that frame weighs compared to another frame of the same size. For example, a Fizik R3 has a relative weight of 3, and an R2 has a relative weight of 2. So, an R3 is three times heavier than an R2. The Fizik R numbers are not absolute measurements and can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The Numbers of a bike dealer reflect the rigidity of the frame and can be handy to compare different models. For example, the Number of a bike that weighs 200 pounds is higher than that of a bike that weighs 170 pounds. The Numbers also tell you how stiff the frame is and how well it holds its shape under pressure.


After considering the features and reviews of the Arione and Antares Carbon Road Cycling Saddles, it ultimately boils down to personal preference and individual needs. The Arione saddle is long and narrow, suitable for riders who prefer an aggressive position and have a flexible spine. It provides excellent support and is lightweight, making it popular among competitive cyclists.

However, some riders may find the narrow design uncomfortable during longer rides or for those with wider sit bones. On the other hand, the Antares saddle offers a slightly wider profile and a central cutout, providing comfort for riders with a less flexible spine or those who prefer an upright position.

It also has a carbon construction for durability and weight savings. However, some riders may find the wider shape less supportive for aggressive riding or experienced cyclists. Ultimately, the choice between Arione vs Antares depends on the rider’s preferences and specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fizik Arione Comfortable?

The comfort level of the Fizik Arione saddle can vary from person to person. Some cyclists find it extremely comfortable and well-suited to their riding style, while others may find it too firm or unsupportive.

How Wide Is The Arione?

The Arione is a popular bicycle saddle for its sleek design and comfortable fit. With a width of approximately 130mm, it is a versatile option for riders of all shapes and sizes.

What Country is Fizik From?

Fizik is not from a specific country, as it is the name of a brand that specializes in high-performance bicycle saddles and accessories. The brand was founded in Italy, but its products are sold and handy globally.

Is Fizik An Italian Brand?

No, Fizik is not an Italian brand. Despite its name sounding similar to “physics” in Italian, Fizik is actually a Swiss brand.

Is Fizik A Good Brand?

Yes, Fizik is widely considered a good brand in the cycling industry. They are known for producing high-quality and innovative cycling products, particularly in the area of saddles and shoes.

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