27×1 1 4 Bike Tires Vs 700c | Which One You would Choose?

Many cyclists prefer to ride on 27×1 1 4 tires rather than 700c. Many of them claim that riding on a 26-inch tire is more comfortable and easier. There are also users who like the appearance of the 700c, and it does make a difference if you plan to use your bike for touring.

You will know what I mean if you ride the same bike on both tires and test them in a riding shop, because there is often an immediate difference in comfort level. I will show the difference between 27×1 1 4 bike tires vs 700c.

27×1 1 4 Bike Tires Vs 700c

History Of 27×1 1 4 Bike Tires

History Of 27x1 1 4 Bike Tires

27 x1 1 4 tires have been around for a few years. In 1954, the first version of this bicycle tire was created by WTB in their factory located in Wallamuthwaite, North Yorkshire, England. From then on until 1898 when they stopped making bicycles and started to produce flooring nails with 13 inches wheel sets that were used mainly in factories at that time it is said that the WTB Company was a major bicycle manufacturing firm.

The pattern of the tire also changed in 1976 when 29 inch tires became available. It could have been lots of factors that has an effect on using 27×1 1 4 tires today. But there are still many riders who prefer them to 28 x1 1 2 or 700c much more because their appearance is quite striking and different from other wheels sizes. Which tend to look alike, so they provide better contrast and look more stylish.

Feature Of 27×1 1 4 Bike Tires

Feature Of 27x1 1 4 Bike Tires

For cyclists who like riding on their bikes, travelling is one of the most important aspects. A high speed and constant grip make them more reliable in road conditions when they are driving distance from transport facilities such as parking lot or trailer where cars usually stop to give space for bicycles only.

Generally speaking every cyclist should have a set of durable 27×1 1 4 bike tires which can accommodate speeds up to 50 miles per hour so that passengers don’t have to worry about having a bad impact when riding on their bikes.

Race enthusiasts who ride in pedal races may implement the use of high-top race shoes for climbing hills, but they still need something that gives them extra strength which is why racing performs 27×1 1 4 bike treads. People with talent and skill to ride bicycles should definitely consider replacing their 26 x 2 1 tire with solid 27 sized bicycle inner tube which enable you enjoy the better performance unlike 26 x 2 1 tire that are usually found in the roads.

It is clear that 27 inch bike tires have improved standards both about durability and comfort when compared to other sizes made by various manufacturers today.Because of its high speed capabilities, it’s also very competitive with competitors which enable you ride your bike faster without worries or stress.

On the other side, if you are planning to buy new bicycle or re-new your old one in future choose with 27 inch tires .Because it will give better performance compared to cheap 26 x 2 1 size tires.

Being a serious cyclist is not where our list stops. If you want more positive results then these two options should definitely be on top of your list when thinking about what tire sizes can help maximize your speed and handling skills. Choosing between 26-, 24- and 20 inch bicycle rims are the other main factors to consider when buying any tire.

So first you have to think if it is really worth spending your money on selling good tires after all there are several alternatives only made by 27 x 1 4.


• Fits a wider range of bicycles
• Offers better traction and super-slick feel because it absorbs bumps at higher speeds more effortlessly.
• Durable – will last much longer than other replacement bicycle inner tubes


• More expensive than alternative bicycle inner tubes.
• Higher measured thickness (almost twice as thick!) which is not desirable for light bikes such as road, or mountain bike.

History Of 700c Bike Tires

History Of 700c Bike Tires

Mounting a bicycle tire to the bike frame uses a different method than standard inner tubes. Unlike traditional bicycle tires, mounting a 700c size is done entirely by hand repair without any type of sealing compound or adhesive being used on the rim.

Although this might be great for repairing your own punctures, it becomes more difficult when experienced riders from all over need access to these particular sizes during service requests and replacement cycles.

The extra space between rims gives cyclists the ability to mount one tire in different sizes since each size has its own mounting location. Although 700c bike inner tube is used widely on road bikes, mountain, and hybrid bicycles it’s not just for them. On most street bikes today you can find many sections of the wide variety of bicycle sizes including these throughout the frame which are normally measured in millimeters.

We can reference a range of dimension 23, 25 and 28 mm. Although sometimes the smaller number 29 mm will be found in part on mountain bikes but not to that extent while 27 x 1 4 is more common for hybrid cycles which circulate smooth flowing movement while fitting snugly into the bicycle’s naves.

Metric sizing as opposed to Standard English measurement seems more suitable because this makes it easy for riders from different regions, language barriers even national borders all.

Features Of 700c Bike Tires

Features Of 700c Bike Tires

Normally, 700c bike tubes are used with each inner to be able to fit along standard bicycles. Unlike other sizes that are available today, the diameter of 700c may differ between one brand and another depending on model or variation within a class. So if you ride dimensions larger than 25mm tires then it’s recommended that you will look into purchasing different brands for your bicycle.

Because this could impact how quickly these models can reach their peak performance level especially when they are mounted to the right size rims.

This specific is usually when you want bicycle frames that made for larger tires like 700c since these bicycles can be found in more shops and even riding with most manufacturers so ordering what’s suitable frame diameter will give cyclists great opportunity of speed.

There might also worry about weight or stability on long rides especially if riders need additional support so taking measurements before purchasing products would seem wise because it could save them money.

Also, it’s recommended that you get bike tubes for 700c which are of the same size to ensure correct fit all together because this could provide good safety factor while riding these bikes on flat surfaces like roadways and highways.

Modern times have actually made better technology often leading manufacturers to make different models of each brand with unique sizes or even new options so be sure if players want innovation in their bicycles they will need more than one tube .

In fact, it could be a good idea to purchase at least two tubes as well as consider purchasing disc brake compatible tube for those riders who currently have rear wheels with this technology. With the right size available and accurate dimensions derived from measuring current bicycle will provide faster bicycle performance because these models can even ride up steep hills.

So speed does matter when participants need to go fast enough on every occasion. These bikes will also last longer than other types of bicycles.


With a quality made 700c bicycle, cyclists should feel at ease knowing that these bicycles could provide great stability already because of their larger frames. And since the tires have been prepared just for expanding tire sizes there is greater safety through using these bikes on flat surfaces or highways as well as preventing injuries from crashing into objects in the roadways causing accidents while travelling over longer distances.

That’s better than buying an expensive brand name bicycle which costs more and will require the user to make changes for better or worse all of which can cost a considerable amount. Having this bike on flat surface and on highways will ensure safety and productivity.

This is best therefor as those who continue cycling cannot entirely blame themselves, instead they need only improve their bicycle training for easier riding with less risk of injury. Finally it would be great help if manufacturers why’d then offer mid-sized (700cc) bicycles with disc brakes in their line-up.


Since disc brakes are not yet compatible with many bicycle models, manufacturers find it hard to spend resources on creating new dealerships for this kind of product line. Yet it is worth mentioning that disc brakes offered by an 700cc bicycle are already better than the ones provided on roads bikes with rim brakes.

When manufacturers created their 700c model, riders of these bicycles also get to enjoy increased safety since they do not need to worry about fatigue caused through deteriorating muscles because there is less forceful pushing needed each time riding due to braking forces generated from disc brake systems.

Difference Between 27×1 1 4 Bike Tires Vs 700c

Difference Between 27x1 1 4 Bike Tires Vs 700c

There is a big difference between the two types of bicycle tires due to their different limits. During normal riding, the 700c offers better security because creating less pressure transferred from tire onto rim can prevent serious accidents caused by excessive braking. In other words your bike’s brakes grip will be stronger compared with that of 27×1 1 4 bike tires.

Another special reason why it would be best for you if you opt for this kind shows up in its ability to protect you from impact while riding on roads. For instance, your bicycle tires would be better at absorbing impacts that could happen in the front of the bicycle or unwanted unwanted fixes by other vehicles should occur around you when using tires with a lower size capacity.

27×1 1 4 Bike Tires Vs 700c: Which Tire Is Better?

When there are two tires in the market, one may find it hard to choose which is better. People think that 29 inch bike tires are much larger than 26 inch bicycle tire but they have yet to experience riding a 650c bicycle with 2728er wheel set up .Hearing this 28 power wheels aluminum alloy strong bikes jet bikes mens 25″ mountain bicycles for sale you will be having an excellent time on your long ride due to their ability to absorb most impacts when they are in your possession.

But if you have 27 inches mountain bike tires then they will indeed be easier to control during sudden turns on amazing surface. You can easily notice that 28 inch wheels need less effort when riding through too many stairs since they do not require extra force from rider’s effort, unlike 26 inch rims where one would sometimes feel of bearing weight while climbing up second floor of building.

If there are two tires, then one will definitely use the 28 inch tire more than 26.0 for mountain biking because of its special properties which includes greater stability since it allows rider to keep his balance easily on even tarmac surface during turning movements.

You also need not worry about your back that receives some shock when riding 29 due to their big size, but if you opted for 27 inch wheels set up, using them is bound to result in having problems and injury to your lower back and spine for this reason it is important that you choose the best out of both.


1. Which Is Bigger 700C or 27×1 1 4?

Ans. As already discussed above, sometimes one may have two wheels of the same size but 27.1 inch wheel is way better for mountain biking than 700C because it will allow you to control even faster forward or reverse movement on various surfaces rather than have less grip when riding fast on the road at high speeds.

By choosing this kind of tires, one can also get chances running over obstacles owing to their ability in sticking lot more towards them while stopping suddenly.

2. Should I Use Tubeless Or Standard Tire Systems On My Mountain Bike?

Ans. The latter is right for beginners because of less risk involved using tree sections. Tubeless can be really expensive if you need to pay extra cost to get the equipment. Which will help transform your bicycle into entirely durable and strong one suitable for mountain biking, but on the other hand valid point was mentioned by some user who want cheaper, so they opted tubeless.

During their decision making process between two available systems though an experienced biker decided otherwise.

4. Is 27 The Same As 700C?

Ans. To understand the difference between these two sizes we first need to know some basic information regarding tires, as both of them are made with corresponding size dimensions which people tend to confuse.

700C is pronounced as seven hundred and twenty five millimeters while 27 is called one thousand and seventy-seven millimeters respectively , if we convert each aspect into inches then you will get bigger diameter for your wheels than that of 700c whereas smaller than that dimension.

5. How Do I Know Which One To Buy For My Bike?

Ans. It matters a lot on whether you think 700c or 27 tire is better for different types of bicycles. You can use these measurements to compare the weights and sizes between each other more clear .In some cases, it might be prudent before making a purchase decision.

There are also added benefits from using larger wheels over smaller ones including increased control when riding fast downhill. Simple explanation of not putting so much pressure through your tires since large diameter permits extra leverage. But it is evident that heavier wheels are not suited for bicycles using 26/24 or 24mm cyclocross style racing tire.

Final Thought

This 27×1 1 4 bike tires vs 700c discussion will help you to choose the best one.

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