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How To Wrap Handlebars: The Ultimate Guide

How To Wrap Handlebars

Wrapping handlebars is a modern-day art that requires precision and craftiness. It helps you tie up loose threads of your hair and gives you the confidence boost of knowing how things are done.

Wrap handlebars tape is the latest craze in the bike industry. It has made its way into the fitness industry too. No wonder handlebar tape can help you work out longer and get a better workout.

But with all the benefits of handlebar tape, some of you might not be aware of it. If wrapping the handlebar sounds intimidating, fret not, dear reader, for we’re here to help you. Here’s an ultimate guide on how to wrap a handlebar that will leave you with a head-turning hairstyle every time. We talked about handlebar tape and how it would improve your riding experience.

How To Wrap Handlebars

What Are Handlebars?

What Are Handlebars

Handlebars are the part of a bicycle that connects the handle to the saddle. They are also known as ‘shifters’ and come in various types. The most common handlebars are flat, tapered, and rise-to-shoulder (RTS) bars.

Each of these handles different things, but they all work the same way: the small end of the bar is bent downward, connecting to the handle it connects to, and the large end of the bar is bent upward, wrapping around the top of the bike’s seat. This allows you to control your bike more easily by leaning it in any direction.

The benefits of using handlebars include increased stability and control over your bike. Also, they make riding more comfortable as they provide extra grip for your hands. Besides these benefits, using a handlebar can also help you improve your riding skills and increase your riding confidence.

Types Of Handlebars

Handlebar designs vary depending on the bike’s intended purpose, but the two most common types of handlebars are fixed and drop. Fixed handlebars offer a stable base for the rider to handle the bike, while drop handlebars provide extra balance for more aggressive riding.

Fixed handlebar handles feature a straight handlebar with no bend or angle. This style finds on BMX bikes, where the rider can grip the bars tightly for maximum control and stability. Drop handlebars taper toward the end and design for easier turning and balance.

Grip tape is another popular addition to handlebars, and it serves two functions: to improve the user’s grip and comfort. Some handlebar tape is made of rubber or plastic, while others make of grippy material such as cork or sandpaper. Steering systems can locate at the front or the rear of the bike, depending on what type of riding plan.

6 Steps To Wrap Handlebars

6 Detailed Steps To Wrap Handlebars

Wrap handlebars are a style that’s been growing in popularity over the past few years, and it’s all about adding a little bit of color or flair to your bike ride. Though it may seem like a small thing, wrapping your handlebars can greatly impact how you look and feel while you’re riding. Here are 6 steps below:

  1. Find the handlebar that you would like to wrap. It should connect to the handle it is attached to, and you should bend the large end of the bar upward.
  2. Bend the bar until it connects with the handle, then bend up until it wraps around the top of the bike’s seat (see photo). Make sure there is a good amount of overlap so your grip will not slip off while riding.
  3. Overturn the bar 30 degrees so wrapping touches the floor on both sides again (see photo). This way, when you reach the end of the handlebar, you will wrap it around the bottom of the bike.
  4. Take hold of both ends of the handlebar and twist 180 degrees (see photo). This will tighten the wrap-around bar while keeping a good grip on it.
  5. Refrain from touching the bar with your hands – this will make it harder to keep grip during riding and could lead to losing control over the bike. Instead, use gloves if you wish for extra protection or lean against the bike for extra support when gripping the handlebar tightly.
  6. Make sure the handlebar tape is well secured before riding, and remember to adjust the grip tape as needed to maintain balance while riding.

Why Is It Important To Wrap Handlebars?

Why Is It Important To Wrap Handlebars?

Handlebar wrapping is a great way to reduce the risk of wrist and hand fatigue while riding a bike. In particular, wrapping the handlebar reduces the amount of extra handlebar movement that causes wrist and hand fatigue. This can help to improve overall riding comfort and safety.

Also, handlebar wrapping helps protect the bike from damage caused by the handlebars. This is especially important for those who ride with handlebars constantly bent at an angle. Finally, handlebar wrapping can help to improve the bike’s appearance and increase control while riding. By wrapping the handlebar, you can keep your hands on the bar without extra grip tape or tape residue getting in the way of your riding experience.

Tips For Wrapping Handlebars Correctly.

Tips For Wrapping Handlebars Correctly.

If you’re a cyclist, it’s important to know how to properly wrap your handlebars. This will ensure you have a safe and comfortable ride, no matter the conditions. Here are some tips for wrapping handlebars correctly:

  1. Make sure your hands place on either side of the bike’s stem.
  2. Cross your arms over the top of the stem and hold on tightly.
  3. Take one end of the bar in each hand and wrap it around the stem in a circular motion.
  4. Continue winding it until you reach the end of the bar.
  5. Ensure that both ends of the bar are securely wrapped around the stem.
  6. If there is enough slack, you can loop one end of the bar around itself once or twice before tying it off with a knot or bow.
  7. Wrap the handlebar securely but not too tightly. This will ensure the tape doesn’t come loose during your ride.
  8. Make sure the handlebars are perpendicular to the bike’s frame. This will ensure the tape does not twist or fold during your ride.
  9. Keep your hands and arms close to your body to minimize wind resistance. This will ensure the tape stays straight and provides a good grip on the handlebar.
  10. Match the width of the handlebar tape to the width of the handlebars. This will ensure the tape is of consistent width and it won’t be prone to blowing in the wind.
  11. Be sure to check your grip every time you change direction, as this will improve your grip on the handlebar.


Handlebar wrapping is a popular way to improve the appearance of your bike. It’s a bike wrap made from a flexible material that you stretch around your handlebars. The advantage of handlebar wrapping is that it not only looks good but also protects your handlebars from scratches and damage. This is especially important if you’re using your bike for commuting or recreational purposes.

Handlebar wrapping is an art form of its own. But the good news is that the skill of wrapping handlebars has evolved to the point where anyone can do it. This includes novices and professional baristas alike. You don’t need any special tools or skills to handle bar wrapping.

All you need is a tape measure and the confidence to follow the abovementioned steps. It might take time to get the wrapping technique right, but with practice, you will surely make amazing handlebar wraps in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Wrap Bike Handlebars?

To wrap bike handlebars, follow these steps:

1.Secure the ends of the handlebar tape with a loop.
2.Make the loop as tight as possible by pulling the ends of the tape towards you.
3.Continuously make loops until the entire handlebar is covered.
4.Use a strip of duct tape to hold the loops in place.

Which Way Do You Wrap Handlebars?

When wrapping handlebars, it is important to wrap them in the same direction as the bike’s stem. The handlebar wrap should be tight but not too tight. It is also important to keep the handlebar tape clean and free from debris.

How Do You Wrap Handlebars Like A Pro?

There are a few ways to wrap handlebars the right way. The most popular way is to use a scarf. This way of wrapping handlebars is simple, quick, and effective.

How Do You Wrap Motorcycle Handlebars?

When wrapping motorcycle handlebars, you should start by wrapping the bar in a counterclockwise direction. Next, wrap the bar with enough overlap so that the ends of the wrap are even. Finally, tuck the end of the wrap under the bar.

Is There A Difference Between Regular And Anti-Seize Compounds For Handlebar Tape?

There is no difference between regular and anti-seize compounds for handlebar tape. Both compounds work to prevent the handlebar tape from peeling off, and some cyclists prefer the anti-seize compound because it helps to prevent rusting.

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