Speedplay Zero Vs Light Action [Which One Should You Choose?]

Here is a simple comparison of the Speedplay Zero Vs Light Action two wheel systems that have been used in the industry.

Speedplay Zero and Light Action wheel systems are great wheel systems for those who want to use a wheel set with a high-end bearing system.

They both provide a lot of features and versatility, but there are some clear differences between them.

Speedplay Zero Vs Light Action

Speedplay Zero has been released with great fanfare from company Speedplay as a higher end replacement for the popular Light Action cleat.

With the speedplay zero, Speedplay has taken a big leap into the future of cycling shoes with many features that will come to be expected from high end cycling shoes.

The light action has been discontinued and is now only available on sale at the official Speedplay store.

About Speedplay Zero

About Speedplay Zero

Speedplay Zero is the company’s first foray into high end cycling technology. The name itself means that it shuns traditional clipless pedal systems, replacing them with a new system that works in much the same fashion as toe tensioners do to clip in shoes.

This has not meant there are no metal strips at all on the cleat, just they don’t make contact when using Speedplay Zeros which will count towards an increased number of miles on the odometer.

Weight – Weight of standard Speedplay Zero shoes (which don’t include toe clips): 604g; 603g with normal cleats, including bearings and pins/plates mounted

Frame: Made out of carbon fibre materials Power Box: bolts onto bottom of shoe-liner Type A Frame Bottom Bracket Bolt washer cartridge oil gland bearing race Double OE Shift Lever Interface clamp area Cartridge bushing High pressure power unit bearing pressure plate cartridge bushings

The shoes don’t include toe clips and should not be purchases to use them with traditional pedal systems.

This has been done primarily because of the increased weight that comes from incorporating such components into a cycling shoe, especially when it is clear there are many other methods to achieve this goal for an incredible amount less weight.

Since using speedplay zeros’ system requires you aren’t going anywhere without clip in cleats equipped shoes, it is best to only use the system in shoes that come this way.

About Light Action

Light Action is a fairly small company that made its mark with their KickZ pedals, a relatively newly designed pedal that resembled two big fat shoes.

It was an interesting idea to consider how it might feel for cyclists having struggled with clipless systems in the past and this has really been pushing the bounds of what you could do from looking at other people’s designs.

The unique concept they have taken provides minimal contact between essential parts which will mean less friction and less time lost improving your pedalling technique.

Speedplay Zero vs Light Action Pedals – Reviews

The Light Action Cleat has been in production for many years with a long history of customer satisfaction.

In the light action system, when cycling shoes are tightened up to their maximum position they have been made slightly more difficult to use by placing an indentation on the cleat or changing its shape so that you can no longer see it from a distance.

With pedal systems there has not really ever been anything similar in style and function except very close to pedals having a plastic stick on replacement or some variation.

Light Action Pedals are compatible with different cleat types, but the LightAction weight profile is designed for compatibility with both light action shoes and standard Shimano SPD systems –

Its basically just an agile pedal that adds more floatability by giving you the option of greater adjustment in tight bike seats making it easier to get into postion when descending steep pitches.

Lightaction cleats work with traditional Full Deck shoes too, and to date all Light Action Shoes have been released with a cleat diameter of 12 mm – the standard for many years.

Speedplay Zero Cleats are compatible only with Speedplay Zero pedals, but work in full cooperation together providing great extension when climbing by offering maximum grip on toe out cranks while keeping foot angles near 90 degrees reducing fatigue significantly during road riding.

The zero action system claims to boost power while the system itself claims it to be more aerodynamic, with less drag thus speeding up your speed.

Speedplay Zero Light action pedals are efficient when downhill racing or riding long distances in comfort on even terrain – they reduce effort whilst decreasing the chance of injury by providing easy pedalling control at low speeds for power enhancement.

And acceleration all day through out climbs without excessive energy expenditure that might lead to over exertion, perhaps burning calories but sacrificing power instead .

Speedplay Zero pedals and shoes are primarily designed for many short duration athletic sports such as mountain biking that will help you sprint by allowing your legs to be charged while sitting during a race or cycling marathon.

Experienced road users can use these cleats/peddles with the system by installing it in the crank arm but this is not recommended.

As a beginner cyclist just checkout your cycling gait and pedal stroke, choosing the gear that provide right kind of mileage. Once you found one to start with

Zero Pedals/Speedplay shoes can help you gain more fitness along time as well as improve riders metabolic system which will allow better recovery from stress or high-intensity training through out day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Difference In Quality Between Speedplay Zero And Light Action?

Speedplay Zero is a high-quality running shoe that has been designed for racers, but it is also suitable for all types of athletes. The Light Action features a rubber outsole and provides superior traction on any surface.

What Is The Difference Between Speedplay Zero And Light Action?

The speedplay zero is a one-piece, low-profile golf shoe that was designed for players with foot problems or who are not able to wear traditional shoes. It provides greater stability and less slippage than standard golf shoes.

Light action is the name of the company’s original line of performance golf shoes which are available in various colors and have a light weight construction. The materials used are breathable, flexible, and absorb moisture well for comfort during hot weather.

Is There A Difference In Pricing Between Speedplay Zero And Light Action?

Speedplay Zero and Light Action are similar in their abilities. However, the Speedplay Zero is a lighter shoe and the Light Action is a heavier shoe.

What Is The Advantage Of Speedplay Zero?

Speedplay Zero is a new type of cleat that is lightweight, durable and versatile. It is a combination of skateboard technology and running shoes.

Final Verdict

I am confused on the difference between speedplay zero and light action. I hope now you understand Speedplay Zero Vs Light Action comparison. Do you have any insights on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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