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Platform Vs Hanging Bike Rack Comparison | Which Is The Best?

Platform Vs Hanging Bike Rack

Most people think of a bike rack as a type of structure that hangs from the ceiling and holds two or more bikes. These types of racks are called platform racks.

However, there is another type of bike rack that does not hang from the ceiling. This type of rack goes by many names such as hanging bike rack, front-loading bike rack, drop-down rack, front-load system, etc.

Regardless of the name, these racks are quite different than what most people think. These racks are particularly suitable for someone looking for an inexpensive, but usable bike rack. Many people buy the cheapest model of this type of rack believing that it will work adequately. We will discussion about the platform vs hanging bike rack comparison.

This is not necessarily true because cheaper models may lack important features found on more expensive designs such as corrosion-resistant components, lower mounting points to make them less likely to damage cars or other structures in your home/property each time you use the rack, and a secure lockable mounting means (such as some types of carabiners) to prevent theft and impact damage on the bikes if it is not properly secured.

Platform Vs Hanging Bike Rack

Platform Bike Rack

Platform Bike Rack

Platform racks are most common. They are generally very useful because they attach securely to the ceiling, making them an excellent choice for maintaining your garage or changing room’s aesthetics.

These types of rack will allow you to mount up bikes by taking out the wheels and hinging them into place on top of each other or even hanging off opposite sides of a single hook down low enough that it lifts them directly onto any part of their positions without having to hold the handles while you pull them.

These racks also have a separate rack that runs underneath each bike where wheels can be locked in place and prevented from being stolen or scraping along other items on the garage floor (not appropriate for parking areas such as patios).

There is normally less clearance between these rails and hooks to ensure they don’t scratch any painted surfaces, but this setting is often achieved with fewer components consequently reducing lightweight frame damage when a bike tips or is heavily braced on a shelf.

Hanging Bike Rack

Hanging Bike Rack

Many other types of racks are available to use in garages that have no suitable ceiling space (or very limited), or when it is simply not worth the effort to make any type of floor area accessible. These will generally be more heavy duty than the rack on top, and weight people-friendly bikes directly up over them rather than at an angle onto shelves.

Hanging bike racks may also be freestanding with little clearance between hooks if you are concerned about any possible damage.

The major drawback to hanging racks is the lack of access for transport vehicles when parked at an angle in your garage if you do not want their wheels left on, particularly with mini vans or others that have handles in front folded down. Try either using a full roof rack setup, or try installing one side of the stand being ventilated so it can be kept clear with internal landscape plants rather than blocking entryways, egress from the garage, or roof lines.

In this type of rack you can also take advantage of vertical storage using a second set of hooks on the other side to keep your bikes off the ground where dirt and grit should always be a concern for them as well! This will obviously come at an added charge compared with even ordinary tilt bar racks but if space is tight I’d definitely recommend it over any other setup ever designed.

The garage is going to be a lot happier with the use of either type if you remotely control both a swivel and tilt bar allowing kids, pets or other people in need of assistance during an emergency exit from the carpark access.

Drop-Down Bike Rack

Drop-down Bike Rack

Putting your bikes up on one of these is easy with the use using only two hooks, they are also pretty cheap to purchase so they can be put in place once and forgotten about. I just find most array of bikes frustratingly difficult to store properly without taking them off their wheels or stacking then at an angle that causes wear patterns all across them where paint will come off having long term contact with my hanging space.

So most racks warrant lubrication regularly. Pick up an axle pump at your local riding shop should you require that type of lubrication regularly, just don’t use it to deep-clean the bikes as I have destroyed aluminum rims by trying to do so!

Never leave a bike on a stand unless it is locked worth keeping out stray kids or other overly curious individuals from disassembling and reworking its parts off inside. You said “My goal is not to support the bike shop as I make my living from soloing” Which makes me wonder if this is a full time pursuit. If it is, does your lube include rims?

My local shop now has two racks for sale btw , they are both heated but don’t have lifting straps and seem to be from some pretty big name manufacturer.

I’ve been using them only a few days ago because it puts my bikes up and out of the way. You can mount them under cars or put brackets on your side walls so you don’t have to keep unclipping and remounting all day… I think we used a few for our tools as well, but that was temporary as they would need cleaning no matter how it sits yet again as soon as someone is done with them!

I just use 2 cranks/derailleurs over one seatstay if I’m going that far. That’s a very thoughtful question, given the space junk explosion around me at all times! Nothing is off limits to thieves and copy cat bike rackers, it seems. So where does this leave you?

Be willing to take one of those bike racks with lifting straps so as long as they have two standoffs installed on their sides or hooks accessible from the top window portion of your roof mounted unit for bikes which do not use seat posts tubes there should be no other problem.

The Brin’s rack still has a few bumps and scrapes on it after about three weeks of hard service…. Are you ready to go into the mission trip biz? I have two tire stands, but never see anything stolen from mine even in an industrial park with industry four blocks away at my door-step! Two bikes run way cheaper than big rims or full flex forks….!

Footpaths are now full of parked bicycles, with bits and pieces taken off but nothing that wouldn’t be replaced fairly quickly. You know the part everyone has heard about how these places were never safe to begin with? I’ve never had an incident where, if your bike was stolen after dark.

I’ll take it too so long as you can doe3r worry about leaving them at work or in a secluded spot! Good luck and good solutions for you, this is a real issue. I like the idea of having two wheels at all times but think it’s hard in places such as these + your day job perhaps 30 minutes away.. The only solution here above seems to be; “Well Happy Bikes” parking areas or Park & Ride locations which can swing 20-30km from home.

Front-Loading Bike Rack

Front-Loading Bike Rack

Hanging hard frames with the wheels removed and installed on the ground. This way it’s possible to hide bikes in your house among all your gardening tools, shed supplies or junk as they accumulate! Now those guys just took out a $1 million lottery win now aren’t they? Anyone know if there is any legalities required for ‘articulated’ racks like this?? I thought not..:), got a cool bike wheel coffee table! The large wheel is serving our purpose nicely.

What a stupid idea to car camping with kids – big wheels nice and stable with luggage on the top of them.. This guy took his ad installation stats seriously, must have been very successful! In this display at the front of Harley-Davidson’s headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin hangs what looks like an old tractor tire from a skyhook made from wood slats lashed to a metal frame.

The whole thing is held in place by steel-screws, and the tire could be replaced if anything breaks. Ingenious idea.

One day at casual Friday lunch you’d never know there were bikes out back! Similar method used here Keep your eyes open when loading up for work – this guy’s selection was massive + probably a lot of girl friends in sundresses riding each morning! And sure looks comfy for camping, saved a lot of money. For the ladies there’s always that $15 novelty pillow for your steed..

This guy has 2 bikes and quite an extensive garden shed! Using these kind of imaginative ideas people can get away with anything: Create wooden tracks to create ‘floating’ racks on window sills and out of reach from neighbors + save garage space; Bike here bike there storage buildings or gazebos; Exp ansive living design that incorporates bikes into every aspect of life; The humble quintessential beater car transforms itself by adding an engine, seats and other comforts to transport gear around town.

Types Of Racks For Bikes

Types Of Racks For Bikes

Mounting points on car racks are formed by an “L” hook, which allows the rack to slide across a surface (horizontal bars), instead of bolt through it like normal vehicle attachment points.

The “L” hooks cannot be removed, so one cannot move around with their bike without fear that the system will break. The feet for this Car roof mount also come in handy if you live or work outside and need easy access often.

Bicycle Storage Racks And Stands

Bicycle Storage Racks And Stands

There are a number of methods to secure bikes and protect them from weather. However, protecting them from theft is paramount. The simplest method for ensuring the security of your bike(s) is using anti-theft locking mechanisms such as u-locks or cable locks (a D lock). These should only be used on very trustful people who will keep their eyes open while riding around town .

Other ways that have been used to secure a bike, is the use of stands. These come in all kinds of sizes and shapes from basic plastic crates to those designed for racing bikes or touring bicycles. Either way they help your gear remain weather protected as well as safe from theft.

There are also hybrid models which double up on security with anti-theft equipment, by using clamp locks instead of u-locks. For example our Deluxe Universal Bike Rack has either traditional “L” hooks or U-locks to ensure your gear remain secure.

Load Ranges Of Hangers And How They Affect Performance

Load Ranges Of Hangers And How They Affect Performance

All trays, car racks, roof mounts etc are tested for their ability to safely carry the weight stated on the product itself , which can be different than that obtained by installation method commonly used . Example: If at first view you look into having 2 bikes secured then 5 bikes , you may see the cars racks suggest carrying it comfortable with 2, 3 or 4 bikes.

When buying extremely heavy racks that support up to 5 bikes then this will actually help performance be able to handle more weight compared with having straps bearing maximum load for an individual bike .

This is because additional handling mechanisms are used by default during key loading, giving your rack the ability to cope even if overloaded one time over another. Rear Racks often come in “L” (Load) capacities, which indicate the maximum load that can be carried over your rear axle. The measurement is in pounds .

Example: A “Landing Gear Hanger Jack Rack” model has a capacity of 675 lbs. Now if you manage to buy one with 2 bikes strap-on it will load 750 lb or 110 kg for two persons (110Kg = 185lbs). With 5 bikes using this same rack you’ll have 30 bikes over 3,000 pounds itself.

As stated above the real weight capacity will be manifested over riding time, not in just one or two was.

The problem that many have with understanding this is often being found when lower loading bike racks are seen to fail , because for example a mountain bike loaded incorrectly does not handle these heavier load effects . This issue can be easily avoided by using proper strategies. When you go out on your trips take all your heaviest bikes and attach them first , then take a light loaded one and do the same.

Each time it is critical to make this change, as it will effectively test them effects of each bike lumping together for longer periods over handling drops from weight transfer onto the rear shock absorber.

Interestingly manufacturers show capacities generally based on “Loading Weight” alone , meaning if you subtract your own total weight from 200 lbs you’ll really have limits that carry slightly less than real-world measured values. For example most manufacturers do not mention the total weight of the bike or motor, but instead focus on nominal 700 lb loads carrying capacities, with some (Klockner and Marmot) extending to 2,000 lbs and beyond .

Note: All load weights above apply ONLY to road-going bikes like all Harleys/Ducatis/Motards using “standard” sized hitch mount racks.

Mounting The Rack To The Vehicle

Mounting The Rack To The Vehicle

Choosing the right bike rack is essential for a safe and secure ride. When mounting the rack to your vehicle, consider these important factors: Next, mark the location of the mounts on the vehicle with a pen or pencil so you don’t lose them later. Drill holes into the mounts and insert screws into them.

Next, secure the bike rack to the vehicle using bolts and washers. Be sure to leave enough space between the rack and the vehicle so that the bike doesn’t touch any of the vehicle’s bodywork. Finally, test the rack before you use it to ensure it is sturdy and compatible with your vehicle. Having a bike rack that is properly mounted will ensure a safe and hassle-free ride!

Folding Bicycle Lockers And Bike Storage Racks

Folding Bicycle Lockers And Bike Storage Racks

Although not suitable for storing bicycles indoors, these portable bike lockers (also called Wall Mounted Bike Storage) work well as a temporary solution for those times when you need to store your bikes during the day but don’t have room inside your garage or private property to install permanent facilities such as pegboards.

As seen in Humberview sports lobby linked above they also come especially handy if you are storing bikes at your workplace, as they pre-exists the need for locks on any external racks.

Some of these wall mounted bike racks can be used outside by simply removing the wheels and fastenings to allow them to hang from a horizontal metal support pole or axle which is then bolted into place. At home many people will have disc brake disc parts lying around that could also serve instead of this vertical metal structure as long as you already have it adapted to fit your wheel/fixing bolt pattern.

Other Considerations

Choosing the right bike rack is a big decision, so it’s important to consider a few key factors. If you’re looking to buy a rack, the platform or hanging variety will be your best option. Hanging bike racks are more stable and can accommodate larger bikes. Platform racks are more versatile and can transport bikes of different shapes and sizes. The best bike rack for your needs and preferences is the one that you can use for a long time!


You might have been tempted to purchase a platform rack instead of a hanging bike rack, but you may be surprised at how much better a hanging bike rack is for your needs. A platform can often become unstable and cause more damage than it prevents. This post will outline the differences between platform vs hanging bike rack and why you should choose one over the other.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between A Platform And A Hanging Bike Rack?

A platform is a device that is used to hold the bicycle upright. It provides stability and prevents the bike from toppling over.

Hanging bike racks are made of metal, wood, or plastic and hang from the ceiling. They are also known as “bike hangers” or “bike stands”. When you are riding back from work, your bike will hang at the same height as an upright bicycle.

When it’s time to store or ride home, you simply lift the hanger down and lock it into position on one of two places that come available underneath the rack.

Most unicycle specific hanging racks do not provide mirror-like security for balancingly negotiating uneven surfaces like cobblestone pathways . How is a u-lock reacted to on most bike racks? Frequently either the front wheel will come loose, or the whole rack itself will fall off. Even when they are mounted securely into place occasionally that doesn’t always happen at all!

To prevent your bad experience from occurring again, install manually and manually lockable cable locks and security chains for use with these devices whenever possible.

Is There Any Other Feature That Makes Platform Better Than Hanging Bike Rack?

A bike rack is a simple, versatile way to hang your bike. However, there are other features that make platform better than hanging bike rack.

The first feature is the price of the product which is comparatively cheaper as compared to the others. Platform has been designed for this purpose and is easy to install. You can mount it on a wall or ceiling without any difficulty and it will be fixed in place once mounted with screws and anchors included in the package.

The second feature is its portability as you can fold it up when not in use and take it with you wherever you go without taking much space or weight from your vehicle. The third feature that makes platform better than hanging bike rack is its versatility as you can choose from two different styles of mounts: one for bikes with forks and one for bikes without forks so if your need changes, then this product will suit your needs perfectly.

Is There Any Other Feature That Makes Platform Better Than Hanging Bike Rack?

There are many other features that make platform better than hanging bike rack. Some of them are:

It has a secure locking mechanism that prevents the bike from being stolen or damaged during transport.
The bike rack is collapsible for easy storage and transportation.
Platforms have rubberized grip pads on the bottom to prevent sliding when transporting bikes.
It has a telescoping flexible arms that allows the platform to adjust down to 1.22 meters (4ft) or up as high as 4 feet 9 inches (1.5m), whichever is necessary for transporting your bike without deforming it by twisting, bending and other forces generated when transporting bikes on racks hitting poles and walls etc..
Platforms come with two different types of mounting solutions: one for bikes with forks and one for bikes without forks. This is a perfect feature that allows you the flexibility to choose from two different types of mounts depending on your needs and also get quality accessories with just one product. So, no need to go shopping all over again for different bike racks when this platform has them both! • It has individual wheel loading allowing easy access to your bike.
The slots are designed for bikes with front baskets only, eliminating the need of buying an aftermarket bracket/bracket kit from other brands that might not fit on their racks or you have already bought from another brand and would have to pay money again just so your rack could be compatible with their brackets which is unnecessary cost in itself!

Which One Should I Buy: Platform Or Hanging Bike Rack?

The first thing that comes to mind is the platform. Platforms are a more durable option and can be used for a variety of purposes. However, hanging bike racks are also a good choice because they provide a simpler design and can be mounted on different surfaces such as brick walls or metal fences.

The main difference is that if you buy a hanging bike rack, there won’t be the tube handle bars used to hold your bikes when they are in transit; instead, it will use heavier duty brackets designed for transporting heavy cargo.

This means that racks with handlebars tend to cost more than their non-handlebed counterparts.

Which One Should I Buy: Platform Or Hanging Bike Rack?

This is a very difficult question to answer. In order to answer this, we need to understand the difference between a platform and a hanging bike rack.

A platform is an area where you can place your bikes. It has a base that provides support for the bikes. The type of platform you buy depends on how many bikes you want to store in it and what size they are. Some platforms come with different types of bases like raised, flat, or folding. They also have wheels which make them easy to move around when not in use.

Hanging bike racks are less complicated than platforms because they just hang from the ceiling and don’t require any additional parts or screws or bolts that can be difficult to install correctly.

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