Shimano Ultegra 6800 Vs Mavic Ksyrium | Which One You Could Choose?


The Shimano Ultegra 6800 Wheelset is a well-balanced combination of performance and comfort. As an entry level wheelset, it offers great performance, but also brings with it a very competitive price tag that the market has responded to quite well. There are several competitors to this wheelset that offer similar performance levels, but at a … Read more

The Difference Between Carbon Vs Aluminum Stem


When it comes to manufacturing an aluminum stem, carbon is the most common material. However, some companies are starting to use something new—metal fiber reinforced plastic (MFRP). This innovative type of metal provides more surface area for greater strength. MFRP is also lighter than aluminum. While the technology may still be young, this material will … Read more

Sram Apex Vs Shimano 105 Comparison | Which One Would You Choose?

sram apex vs shimano 105 1

A lot of you have been asking for a guide on how to choose the right derailleur, so we have put together a simple comparison chart that highlights the major differences between sram apex and shimano 105. Sram clearly has the advantage in shifting performance. That being said, not every application requires a sram full … Read more

Compression Plug Vs Star Nut

compression plug vs star nut 2

Compression plugs and star nuts are a common design in many different types of fasteners. However, they have been confusing to some professionals who have been unsure about the difference between these two types of fasteners. We’ll clear things up by comparing the differences between compression plugs and star nuts, with a focus on their … Read more

Brooks C15 Vs C17

brooks c15 vs c17 1

Brooks has released two new trainers. The launch of the C15 and C17 is a sign that Brooks is trying to maintain its position as one of the leaders in road running. We take a look at the similarities and differences between these two models, and which one is right for you. I have been … Read more

How To Clean Bicycle Handlebar Grips? Step By Step

How To Clean Bicycle Handlebar Grips 1

Every time you get on your bike, you are probably thinking about how to clean the handlebar grips. It is quite important that you clean the bicycle handlebar grips every once in a while to keep them safe and avoid accidents. It is quite possible that you have encountered stains on the handlebar grips. If … Read more