How Do Make My Bmx Grips Softer? | Latest Guide

A soft grip is the most important part of your BMX bike. It can help you ride more comfortably, absorb some of the bumps in the road, and prevent injuries. To have a soft grip, it’s best to get custom grips made by an experienced BMX shop.

This will ensure that the grips are built with custom details for your bike. If you don’t want to pay extra, there is an alternative option of grip tape, whether it’s knurl or dimples.

The problem is, though, they’ll wear out after time and overstretch, so their effectiveness goes down every week, which, since it happens on average once a day, means that after 6 months, you’re holding onto places where there wouldn’t be any grip. Here we will discuss how do make my Bmx grips softer.

How Do Make My Bmx Grips Softer

9 Tips on How Do Make My Bmx Grips Softer

If you’re an avid BMX rider, you know how important it is to have comfortable grips. Not only do they provide a better grip on your bike, but they also help prevent hand fatigue and blisters.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make your BMX grips softer and more comfortable. One option is to add grip tape or silicone sleeves over your existing grips. Here are some tips:

Some Things You Can Do To Help Soften Your Grips

  1. Washing your grips every 2 weeks with warm water and soap is good for absorbing the sweat, grime, and oils like dirt & oil that accumulate on them after riding.
  2. Storing it inside a zip-top bag (no matter how clean you think it looks) will help extend its life.
  3. Keeping rid of dirt by taking extra precautions when washing your bike
  4. Wrapping the base of the handles in some waxed cloth or anything that will absorb moisture and keep it at a low temperature to not dry out the grips
  5. Shaving a little paint off the handlebar ends in small amounts is good for absorbing any excess sweat from the hands.
  6. Never go on rides that have been raining or washed out, as it can cause blisters and cuts that will drip down onto your grips & fingers.
  7. Soaking your hands in warm soapy water after riding will cause the oil and sweat to absorb into the grips, making them soft.
  8. Tighten everything as tight as it’ll go so they tighten up by themselves as you ride, then back off just a hair or two so they don’t start twisting & cracking.
  9. Wipe the grip with a clean, lint-free rag to give it consistent pressure while riding.

Changing Your BMX Grips

Way To Change Your BMX Grips

Changing your BMX grips is a simple process that can make a big difference in the feel and performance of your bike. First, you must remove your old grips by cutting them off with scissors or using a grip removal tool.

Once the old grips are removed, clean the handlebars with rubbing alcohol to ensure a clean surface for the new grips to adhere to. Now it’s time to install your new grips. Begin by spraying a small amount of hairspray or grip glue inside the new grips.

This will help them stick to the handlebars and prevent them from slipping during use. Next, if applicable, slide the new grips onto the handlebars, aligning them with the brake levers and shifters. Use a twisting motion to help the grips slide on smoothly.

Finally, let the grips dry for a few hours before riding. Adjust the angle of the grips if necessary to ensure a comfortable and secure grip on the bike.

Order Better Grips As They Make For Bikes

Ordering better bike grips is essential for any cyclist looking to enhance their riding experience. Grips are the point of contact between the rider and the bike; therefore, the quality of the grips directly affects the rider’s comfort, control and overall performance on the bike.

A good grip can provide a secure and comfortable hold, while a worn-out or inadequate grip can cause discomfort and lead to a loss of control. Better grips can significantly impact the cyclist’s overall riding experience by reducing hand fatigue, improving grip and control, and providing a more comfortable ride.

Whether you’re an experienced rider or a beginner, investing in better grips is wise. Various grips are available on the market, from foam grips to rubber grips, each with a different texture and thickness.

So, choosing the ones that best suit your riding style and preferences is important. Don’t wait any longer to upgrade your bike’s grips and elevate your riding experience.

Types Of BMX Grips

Types of BMX Grips

If you’re looking to make your BMX grips softer, you’ll want to know about the different types of BMX grips. Hard-shell grips are the most durable and provide good stability. Dual-density grip pads offer greater cushioning and reduce fatigue over time.

There are three types of BMX grips – textured, soft-grip, and hybrid. Each has benefits, so choosing the right one for your riding style and needs is important.

Thinner straps are another great option for those who suffer from hand fatigue, and they reduce hand movement by up to 50%. So, whatever grip style you choose, add the perfect amount of cushioning for the ride of your life.

 How Long Do You Boil BMX Grips?

How Long Do You Boil BMX Grips

Boiling BMX grips are a popular technique many riders use to make installation easier. The process involves boiling the grips in water for a short period of time. Which softens the rubber and makes it more pliable.

However, it is important to note that you should not boil the grips for too long. As this can cause them to become damaged or deformed. Generally, it is recommended to boil BMX grips for no more than two minutes.

Boiling heat softens grip; it’s well known that boiled grips are softer than non-boiled ones. Here is how you boil the BMX Grip, Take your bottle of The Inside Edge Bottle Bike Lube (and change/fill it with water if necessary). Sit on a chair before the sink, and use the bathroom scale to measure 1 cup (250cc).

You want enough weight for 15 min or more. Then fill a pot of water and turn it on; keep a watchful eye to ensure the water can’t boil over while you are getting stuff ready. We use a tall stove while brewing up some lube. A regular non-microwaveable pot will work for this recipe but be more careful.

The Importance Of Comfortable Grips For BMX Riders

As any BMX rider knows, having a comfortable grip is crucial for maintaining control and executing tricks. Not only do comfortable grips reduce hand fatigue and prevent blisters, but they also provide better traction and grip on the handlebars.

This can be especially important in wet or slippery conditions. When selecting grips, it is important to consider factors such as material, thickness, and texture. Some riders prefer thicker grips for added cushioning, while others opt for thinner grips for greater sensitivity and feel.

Ultimately, the right grip will depend on personal preference and riding style, but it’s worth investing in comfortable grips to enhance your riding experience.

How To Maintain The Softness Of Your BMX Grips Over Time

Maintaining the softness of your BMX grips over time can be challenging, but with some simple tips, you can keep them feeling like new. One of the easiest ways to maintain the softness of your grips is to clean them regularly. Maintaining the softness of your BMX grips over time is essential for a comfortable and safe ride. Here are some tips to help you keep your grips feeling soft and new:

– Clean them regularly. Dirt, sweat, and oils from your hands can build up on your grips over time, making them feel hard and uncomfortable. To prevent this, wipe down your grips with a damp cloth after each ride.

– Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight. UV rays can cause the rubber to dry out and become brittle over time. When storing your bike, keep it in a cool, shaded area.

– Use grip-enhancing products. There are several products available that can help restore the softness of your grips. Grip enhancers like grip glue or spray can help maintain the rubber’s tackiness and extend its lifespan.

Following these simple steps, you can help ensure your BMX grips stay soft and comfortable for many future rides.


Soft BMX grips can make a big difference in your riding experience, providing better grip and reducing hand fatigue. Several ways to make your BMX grips softer include using grip glue or hairspray, soaking them in hot water, or simply breaking them in over time.

Experiment with different methods to find the one that works best for your specific type of grips. By taking the time to soften your BMX grips properly, you can enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable ride.

If you are new to BMX biking, it is important that you have the right bike gear. Having hard bike gear can be frustrating, especially if you are on a budget. To make your BMX grips softer, use rubber gloves or apply some lubricant on the surface of the grip tape. This will help you to know how do make my Bmx grips softer, become more comfortable and reduce fatigue.


 1. How Do You Loosen Bike Grips?

Ans: Take the bottle behind your back and pour half of it on your fingers. Then put them under warm running water for several minutes to soften up. Let them dry completely, or you will have some bad blisters. It also works by getting the grease off hands (soaking hands in hot soapy water).

2. How Do You Wipe Grips?

Ans: Get a paper towel and soak it inside Edge Bottle Bike Lube. To wipe down the grip, start at one end and work your way across to the other, then back up like you were cleaning a wall with wallpaper paste (don’t take too much time wiping because if it’s soaking wet, you will soften instead of harden). Avoid scratching areas such as bends or screw heads & etc., by using slow-drying lubed cloths.

3. How Do You Clean Back Wheels?

Ans: Grab a paper towel and soak it in the inside Edge Bottle Bike Lube; use the slow-drying method to wipe your rim with the paper towel. This removes soap scum that sticks when rims are tight, Also helps when it’s raining or “wet”. General cleaning also involves letting the grips dry for several minutes between wipes to remove excess water from wet surfaces.

4. How Do You Clean Bike Pedals?

Ans: Since dirt and grime build up during long hours of off-road riding, using the inside Edge Bottle Bike Lube on all your bike parts is advisable. This helps keep away rust and corrosion. We use the lube only every second ride, as the first time around, there is already enough lubrication in those places due to flow from previous rides, but after that, we wipe them with a clean rag and clean water.

5. What Are The Most Comfortable BMX Grips?

Ans: Time for the inside Edge Bottle Bike Lube to come out in action. There are many ways of using it in BMX, but my favourite is the two squeeze bottle method. This has always been considered a stable way when performing since one can work without worrying about the grip slipping or sliding along the floor. Use lower heat to avoid melting your pedal’s rubber mix before assembling them together.

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