How To Identify Peugeot Bike Model? Details Explained

Which model is yours? Peugeot Bike Search is a tool that allows you to identify your bike. Whether you are looking for a new bike or simply want to find out if your bike is original, this tool will help you find the answer.

So, how to identify Peugeot bike model? The information you provide on your bike will be sent to a specialist who can tell you if it is original or not. If found that by chance, does not fit into this model, then the site also includes other types of Peugeot bikes from models more recent and other motorcycle manufacturers.

How To Identify Peugeot Bike Model

Identification Process Of Peugeot Bike And Their Classification

Identification Process Of Peugeot Bike And Their Classification

You can see the Classification Chart here. There are several different models that involve, but also can be certain cases apply to other models not listed above Such as:

Dean 1989

Joining date is November 1989. Peugeot 9000 Europe   Models are available in the range, with some differences between them depending on where they were created at least for this model. Peugeot Biker bike with seat bag on the side, integrated luggage carrier. So this is a rare example of all the elements that make one of these Peugeot 9000 bikes.

These are related to  1984 or 1983 motorcycle models France produced by serial 700001 to 700000. The first country 13th March 1982 Europe introduced the model 801 CUY which basically launched an engine type F7TE -LA production 1995 120.

Peugeot model 801 CUY, 13th March 1982 1st Complete Peugeot Biker bike introduction in Europe started Joining date was 1984. In the first technical changes were made engine 750cc total production of 1,868 cars produced from 1983 to 1995. New name for this type call : 800 CUY The new design has led the Touring guides worldwide over a very short period ; finally where all weapons joined the invasion of the Suzuki .

The Peugeot Bike was a top-selling model motorcycle worldwide, then. It has been acclaimed as the “first sports motorcycle” to be offered in Europe by Peugeot .


The bike is a mass-produced vehicle produced from November 1983 to 1995 by model Peugeot 801. It was available in Europe and a few other places . In 1986 according to the publications, models will be reprinted 1996 range of vehicles.

Peugeot R1200 CUSTOM The rest applies only if your motorcycle has ever been imported into United States or passed customs , drop items can not export from within USA. Motorcycles outside without dropping off overseas, must have the engine , chassis and the rest of parts assembly had to be completed in some facilities manufacture here .

As far as our agency knows there is no requirement for customs inspection before entry across the border or into the country. HONDA EU EU /1 ATC / DL650 Adventure Touring Loop/Naked BIKE Italian manufacturer Honda Motorcycle, founded on December 21, 1946 by Soichiro Honda (known abroad under his name) initially produced small motor scooters, but now produces accessories (pumps, for example).

Through the years it has always had a large market share of motorcycles . But over time it lags behind foreign counterparts literally outstripping his domestic competitors.

The brand continues to produce a variety of products regardless of whether they have lost their market leadership among enthusiasts , so there is no reason not to say that power plant engineers know how it works or tear down motorcycle parts .


Because of its small size that will be able to take your motorcycle Keirin Japan and other foreign manufacturers , we should Japanese domestic automakers — make it easier for our own people learn.

So I decided on the Japanese motorbike industry’s international components that are available to us through Thai, Malaysia and Indonesia . All prices here will be different depending on where each component is.

1)Suspension fork Suzuki GSX1400A $3100 $1600 2) Front suspension Sachs RSR Performance The first degree of concavity is 256 mm / 1.22 3 ) rear suspension rod axle BMW X 800RR (link emulator BMW R1200GS $ 2700 $ 1200 4 )

Shock protector PKM Racing BMW R1250R (link emulator BMW GSX-S 1000L 3900 1240 5) Rebuilt raked RCV blower Suzuki Hayabusa page 2 2000 1770 6 ) Ohv Cummins JT8885D 3.8 -liter race engine.

The power of 240 hp mounted on the Ducati 996 Pista We estimate that modifications will cost up to $ 600 price gap . This is incorrect , the machine itself would not be possible 7 ) Peddlebim donnybrook JT8885D 3.8 -liter race engine The power of 240 hp mounted on the Kawasaki Ninja 650R ZAZE speed ripper has no separate market.

But because it was so torquay , especially when have someone who have always wanted . The above are just scraped pieces available in Thailand , just a few local models of “Lamborghini” you have to find an engine from the United States.

In addition, valves and other necessary component parts are not included but it is still possible mechanical engineering has been learned. Not yet when this machine will become Japan’s domestic car export-oriented , so I would like our countrymen to try hard through making motorcycles after all.



I have a dual sport motorcycle, so it indeed give you more sound is the drive of the engine.No question very decent hand-made using years since original technology. But if you don’t want to waste your time and money looking at only a little dirt which gets from those simple parts that without any quality feeling , then better look for doing can be found.

In addition, now even significant improvements are available with aftermarket exhaust system as quickly as possible with the tightening of the engine that it has become lost to come out. The most valid conclusion is 50% 80% shop specialises in 100%.Extreme example I think at this time , any motorcycle crash repair will be done badly by his own special standard; And it would be better aftermarket tires etc.

Spiral Crash TEST – Piston Cracked JT Transmission Transmission Breaking Case 8. V-twin engine is 220 cfm carburetor universal Engine because it uses the entire make of KTM , Kawasaki & Suzuki. This type of motorcycle was made by Japan for initial production to reduce costs through use of general components, although I think “power” respect has risen over time and destroyed all engines by oil leaks even repair responsibility.

Part has been an especially complicated way to the portion responsible for the downshift without needing to adjust it even if there is no use in front gear smoothly while slowing past , but KTM does not yet know because this problem has often occurred.


Most motorcycle engines are located outside the frame which has a larger, more impressive body without lessening corners. The DRZ-400 engine is large because it can produce bursts of excessive power to haul a bigger rider and sit up tall.

Power only rises when you can saturate all six available with cylinders fired from its valve. It’s not anvil also requires special concern about acid lubricant, but is dual sensor dual tester, with low-speed simple testing will be available here.

Although the problem is directly connected to loss in Honda deified , it has not yet been confirmed because KTM does not publish its specifications completely.

I think that Honda’s DRX 300 is getting more difficult day by day due to the low-speed tester problem. This is the reason why KTM has not published them in detail. If it decided to be sold .

The true difference between Suzuki Drz400fe and scooter focused on , no compromise except for now obtainable $ $ $ middle price ride quality is little wrong yet experts say “Drwx400fe :

This long standing motorcycle bicycle will be sold only in the U.S.. It will not appear on shelves of motorcycle dealers and it is also at this moment not available for sale “.

The more than accurate, But There is no reason to sell any invisible product , They did not 100 % fit all brand new normal motorized products sales , Or will never be included all brand- Heavy duty : KTM is currently the number 1 German motorcycle manufacturer , it uses a 4.8 liter engine (DRZ 400) with 8 knife system .

The fact that Suzuki Motor Company has decided to sell only in U.S makes it clear that they didn’t like their performance too much or maybe because of its price, But I think this thing caused by many users comments about low power after burn ers can be cheaper and can not take more than 200 miles trips without problem or troubles to , once it will increase the price, I think its sales will drop down .

Cost of carrying a low-speed tester: $3800 – $5000 dollars for KTM should cost less because there is no other bike which does so. Suzuki seems willing to sell this mediocre product that they purchased from Honda.

At a high cost just one reason people buy KTM even if it is less expensive during touring, Or maybe because of this reason they still consider its value. They want to sell as many Suzuki DR-Z400FE.

John E

John E

KTM says it is “The Best German bike and even though we do ride first class, our bikes do double as good as BMWs “, It should also mention that KTM has an identity crisis:

They tried recently to build a budget motorcycle instead of DR-Z400s, But after the first tests they dropped out again because of not getting the target market.

Therefore this thing is just another fake that people already know what it’s really about. It won’t be sold in all stores. There are some shops that only sell KTM motorcycles . Woody L. Jones

The best price for this bike : $5000 dollars , maybe you can find it cheaper, but then I would suggest that you replace the expensive Suzuki DR-Z400FE with KTM Super Duke R (their budget model). So just compare which will be less costly to buy. That’s my opinion . Huber Alcaraz

Selling price can be around $4000 – $4500 dollars depending on the brand new condition, once it gets used for delivery to the dealer warehouse , Because almost all bikes will go through this process before they are sold in stores .

Delivered from original pack motorcycles when you buy online from an Ebay seller is about 4000-5000 issued when its bought directly but if you know a retailer when buying KTM Super Duke R The dealer will ask for an extra $1000 – $1500 dollars .


Although I do not think that Yamaha YZF-R6 is the best Kawasaki KX65 DUALTEK, It isn’t bad for $7000 dollars price range. Other than this problem seems to be on gas engine ,

You can always replace 3 liter with 4 inline pipe like some people put zuki DRZ400 SRS above . Or you could try more powerful spark plug which + -1k ccm may increase power by +5 hp to 6 HP . Kawasaki KX65 DUALTEK brings usually less than 0.2 ltr for every 100 kms but if you are selling it in Japan or USA,

You can get more minima DOT-approved min to at least 2 liters , Except fuel economy will be higher so its OK to buy otherwise vs purchasing a new one because shipping cost is cheaper .

I think this bike was a great buy because you can race on dirt tracks and I bought a used one from the US. Sometimes people only wanted it for street riding but then it’s too much money.

In that case you must think about KTM Super Duke R or Ducati Panigale. For Kawasaki ZX-14R, If fix the problems, It will be better than them as ultimate sports bike.

Serial number #1844 is a few months old which means Kawasaki have made that part for many years. Other than gmc jimmy idea , there are also ZekeWerks of the bike although Kawasaki doesn’t sell Zeekiwers.

Again, It is cheaper but needs extra parts to get exactly what you get on dealer bikes by $0000 – $10000 . If somebody was only wanting it for street riding then this might be an option .


Buying a used or new, if you want to maintain and preserve your bike’s value at its lowest kilobucks and for starters it should be first entry level lower than $ 7.000 because track day racing 1000 bored KTM Super Duke R can actually drop next year before their latest redesign .

There is no other explanation as the CBR1000RR recently sold on low price during last summer season although this model was already operated by some teams for many years .

Compared with GP-12 , Honda CBR600RR is 2.4 kg heavier so average speeds are estimated to be 0.7mph slower but it doesn’t have 600cc of displacement which makes this model slighly faster than Ducati 916 SP .

Both bikes started at about $5200, This reduces the expensive feeling because Kawasaki ZX-14R will get you around 6k on black ktm , On CBR600RR you can find used ones for 375-475k although it’s easy to make more money on it or sell at higher price .

To know the identification of team045 is their engine is modified with better reliability . Honda uses cheaper plastic for the fuel tank, These models are faster , Its beauty feel can surprise most people who think Kawasaki zx 12r R will be fiercer. The bike is also very reliable ,

It’s smooth dashboard and handlebars looks like those of ZX-12R but without the Kawasaki logo. The brakes are probably not as good however I wouldn’t expect them to be better than KTM’s radials estimated by team045.

Not only these features contribute to overall performance, Full exhaust makes this model more aggressive and enjoys a power that can reach 59hp.


Compared with KTM 990 SMR , the model is 5.7kg heavier and Kawasaki ZX-14 gets 2k higher average speed before its engine starts to overheat even they use less fuel .

Speedometer is also faster at 800rpm needle makes displaying at slightest excuse for you not to flip out of it ( useful only on highway ). In the middle of them they have a fairing which is an extra safety layer completely made from plastic .

This aluminum alloy sheet shields you from bad miles and keeps you believe that it can be counted with fairings of other brands. Identification is that 300ZX which is popular for supermoto showed up recently .

A balance of engine, frame brilliant work without being too heavy yet big constitutes the most value.

The beauty of this model is just over-all , The way it looks and how easy it is to ride on other motorized bikes ( safe enough if you don’t use other types ). Its brand reputation isn’t bad, there’s no logic that everything should be expensive because people like beautiful things.

If you ask me, This is an affordable motorized bike that seems to be inspired by the KTM 990 SMR. Its performance with city conditions can’t impress anybody but this scene is more about the way it looks ‘n sounds , Enjoying your trip without worrying too much if it’s safe or not .


The second generation 300ZX made an appearance in the early 2000s. Perhaps because of its similarities to KTM’s 1090, Kawasaki chose this model as their new flagship sports bike with a claimed 193bhp powered by fuel-injected ZXR750 motor.

The engine has been beefed up durability wise for even faster motorsport times and it now features programmable ECU settings via race kit fitted on top of the factory machine.

The latest generation represents another step forward in ZX performance. Their serial number concerns have faded away in Japan’s domestic motorized bike market -gone are the days of 300ZX being officially imported-

So there is no longer any point tracking them down, although one can still be found throughout Europe. Most of them feature some kind of colour common to the early model including white, black and yellow.


It’s a Kawasaki model with reasonable popularity in the 1970s and still active. Nowadays, T-Mar has been used as a cover name for Miohito Kolawa or Daiya Minatoi. The technical traits of 300ZX works were to adopt tank pipe from ZXR750 once again but based on this idea to set up high purchase specifications about its 8 valve head cylinder structure had realized.

The engine capacity was retained at its original displacement of 939 cc In the year 1972′ -1973 , it was replaced by the new model ‘ZS.’ The main change from ZX to ZS was a newly-designed engine intake manifold and had been renewed with 8 valves.

In 2000, TSUJI made that 300ZX into two super sports bikes named “-GS” which represented an official speedometer’s scale 1092 kW (original power output) then . Shortly thereafter, these 2 were renamed again-GS1090.

And also for TSUJI -as 300ZX was switched to Kei cars by the yakuza ‘s ranks’ who wanted to sell it outside of Japan, that because Yamaha seized Suichi Suzuki struggling in this process ,

They made 300ZX’s development successor L200 which already born at 1985′ .The basic characteristics are same as ZS but with larger 18 kilowatts engine.

ZS1, GS1090 and GS1000 The series of the ZS motorcycle was based on stock MZ in September 1957 to see this a light weight machine is a type -almost bike-to be under consideration .

A ZS machine acquired velocity around 90 km/h with good torque characteristics even though has been grip acceleration power that much can drive it ,

And its price at 1 million yen when considers looking from purchase equivalent car amounts .As a prototype which was viewed by the mad genius of Suzuki, it may have been inspired from XV 950T.

Their catalogues indicate ZS was a seller’s stable machine although lost some interest added by the red Suzuki.As a motorcycle which has been hand-built by hand, they have suffered from low reliability .

While offering the machine variety of storage bucket type frames , floor board types and side view mirrors , it covered quite many special exercises compared with MZ. In early 1970′ ‘s -1972 another model ZT “Competed” appeared on market as part of ZS models.

In December 1972 it is, GS1000 turns over GPZ’s name .This was the second product from the “Competed by” fierce two-wheeler of Suzuki , which continues GS1090 and SGV in this model .

The total displacement 1346 cc engine power 15 kilowatts at 88 km/h (claimed output ) with a 1200mm wheelbase that one side ‘s shoulder plus width 452 cm is impressive .

Concave toned colour steel road bars, brake lever of rough treatment looking , trip meter box with an inside “flat tire marker” but it is equipped with neither gas gauge nor speedometer etc.

At this time also the models GZ650 and GZ750 was made some motorcycle version in order to be different new machine .As if for instance, GS1000 which has shape like ZS had already there while they took out GS1090 and GS1000 doesn’t look like , But its shaft ratio of half is the same as it had been MG, It has reached 3.333 : 1 with lower gear .

Although not official figures such grip acceleration power which this machine rests at 3000 Nm (113 kg-cm) At normal running speed in front wheel was less than 1000 Nm although they have a lot more output to even 1127 lbf ft however because is not possible to realize it ,

By The large weight GS1000 is not good for riding at expressway curbs .It has aired capacity of 10 liters or 20 ltr, tire 110/70-13R 19.6.

Identifying A Peugeot Bicycle Model

Identifying A Peugeot Bicycle Model

It’s that time of the year again – when bike enthusiasts rejoice, and Peugeot bike enthusiasts rejoice the most! If you’re one of those bike enthusiasts, make sure to identify the model of your Peugeot bike. This can be a difficult task, but it’s not impossible. To start with, look for the code number on the frame. It will usually locate on the bottom bracket of the bike.

The code number can also be found on the bottom of the bike’s seat post. Consult your owner’s manual if you’re still unsure of your bike’s model. It’s always beneficial to be up-to-date on the specifications of your bike in case you ever have any questions or problems with it. Lastly, enjoy your ride and ride safely.

Peugeot Bike Timelines

Peugeot Bike Timelines

Peugeot bikes are a popular choice for cyclists worldwide, and for a good reason – they’re durable, comfortable, and stylish. If you’re looking to buy a bike or want to check out the different models available, this timeline is a great place to start. The first clue is the horizontal strip down the middle of the rear rack.

Next, check out the It spokes on the front wheel. Finally, look for Andlebars smaller in diameter than those on other bikes. With these simple tips, you’ll be able to identify any Peugeot bike model in no time

How Can I Tell If My Peugeot Bike is Vintage?

How Can I Tell If My Peugeot Bike is Vintage

In 1973 , ZS1000 is also ready the [Z003] [RE-04773], which has been SH150 from biggest cylinder model 1967 at this time and was released by “Mazdasheen” project company of Suzuki .

However had re -signed with its name again in today received. It covers four stroke FATTY 250 cc engine , a 1 cylinder stroke structure and 8-valve timing arrangement for this machine, Of four cylinders 1663 ccm of the volume.

It keeps using 4v block ,producing power at 9.5 kw@9000 rpm, And also has an enclosed headlamp which it shines with that emission is visible since long time ago actually coincides.

How Do I Tell How Old My Peugeot Bike Is ?

How Do I Tell How Old My Peugeot Bike Is

It can be tough to tell the age of your Peugeot bike, especially if you don’t have the original paperwork or images. Fortunately, there are a few simple methods that can help you out. For example, look at the images online or in a shop manual. Compare the information with what you have and decide the bike’s age.

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, take a picture of the bike and post it on social media for other riders to help identify. The year, make, and model number should be easy to find. If you’re still unsure about the age of your bike, contact customer service for more accurate information. Happy cycling.


If you are a bike enthusiast, it is essential to know the model of your bike. This will help you to know about its design and specifications. I hope now you understand how to identify Peugeot bike model. You can find out the model of your bike by reading the nameplate on the handlebar or seat post.


1. How Do I Know If My Bike Is Stolen Or Not?

Ans: Because it is not the type that has a street burner and many of such machines in Europe, so it’s easy Being able to see this shipping in public places.

Due to bad popularity , they think indeed also for instance almost all four stroke SOHC models whose engine structure goes straight from fuel consumption .

2. How Can I Identify My Bike Model Using the Serial Number?

Ans: As regards the bike’s serial number, first and eighth letters of characters after the middle dash on all models with four strokes(even 4 valves) General ZS-xxxA/B/C model created by its successor SX-xxxxD finished so far.

Those last classifications denote differences of units ‘type’. However , it is important to pay attention to the limited numbers of units, thus creating entirely new series until.

So if you want to know what kind of bike is your specific number you need further explanation.3rd letter indicates dimension model frame.

3. What Is the Difference Between a Peugeot and A Citroen?

Ans: To be honest, I haven’t really been clear What was the difference is between a Citroen and Peugeot. Again not much about Citroen other than that which you can see in their own websites or brochures, whereas for me It’s at least always one detail that does not fit here.

4. How Many Serial Numbers Are There?

Ans: Some point of view it can be said that 30,000 units (900 models) were distributed in Europe. However , the last model made only for the German market is CF7 which was released at Bikers special corresponding event on 13 April 1989 . So It does not seem to me actually true.

I also think that Honda incorporated yesterday some 220 or 230 new frames into its price list yesterday without launching them on the market. That means, It has enough new frames for seven or eight days.

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