How Much Does It Cost To Powder Coat A Bike Frame – You Should Know

In the bike industry, powder coating is a trend that’s been going on for years. When you look at the amount of bikes being produced, it’s quite clear that powder coating bikes is a profitable endeavour.

In fact, it has become so popular that other bike companies are offering their own versions of this process to make money too. However, while powder coating can be a lucrative business for bike frame manufacturers, there are some things to consider before diving in head first. Here you will know how much does it cost to powder coat a bike frame.

How Much Does It Cost To Powder Coat A Bike Frame

How Much Does It Cost To Powder Coat A Bike Frame

How Much Does It Cost To Powder Coat A Bike Frame

The powder coating system that is used in the bike industry revolves around a power spray. Powders are dissolved into an oil or solvent that then gets sprayed on your frame.

The fumes from this process can be quite corrosive, so you may want to protect yourself against harmful chemicals with protective gear such as goggles and gloves when handling these materials.

Although most powder coats aren’t all too hazardous, there have been some documented cases of people becoming very ill – especially if they don’t know what the stuff is and where it comes from.

The right products can be used to protect yourself, but without proper knowledge you could risk serious consequences such as rashes and nausea.

Handling Powders

Handling Powders

Powder coats vary widely in composition; therefore handling them requires different tools depending on which one you’re using at any given time. Parchment paper should never touch your body-worn materials since the coating could seep through the paper, leading to an unsightly rash.

Never mix powder coats together because tiny particles in each one will fuse when mixed with other materials making them heavier and more obvious on your frame. It’s also not advised that you touch or rub any parts of your body against the surface of powders covered surfaces since the contact can negatively affect their finish quality.

If you are spraying onto bare metal, make sure to wipe down the surface with a rag and even more importantly don’t spray directly onto your bike. This will cause issues such as warping and cracking, thus hindering its use after it’s finished being sprayed.

If you’re working in airless conditions then be careful that you never breath into or get too close to his equipment; there have been accidents where people did exactly this which led them becoming high-maintenance cases who were unable to safely ride their bike.

Process Of Powder Coating

The process generally consists of the following steps which are applied one at a time to ensure that no mistakes happen: 1. Cleaning 2. Surface preparation 3. Application of powder coating 4 .Packing 5. Final polishing 6 .Protection 7. Powder-coating machine cycle for each bike

To begin with, if your bike does not come pre-assembled then you must clean it to void particles that may irritate the paint when having the powder poured. It’s recommended that you use specifically formulated brushes in order for these particles to be removed properly because rubbing them with cloth only allows whatever remains on them inside of your bike even more so than they already were.

With this in mind, washing off dirt directly also works just fine too .

As far as preparation works, once your bike is clean of any paint particles then you need to apply the first coat which will protect it by adding a thin layer of aluminium oxide.

The manufacturers may have recommended one specific brand for this so check with them if needed. This way, they can do more testing on their own bikes after conducting some research instead of using other brands because those could be bad even though otherwise those companies also make paints and coatings.

There are some powders out there that can be harmful to your car but they’re not meant for bikes so just stay the course with what’s recommended by the manufacturer otherwise you’ll have no problem being able to ride once it all dries, or at least this is how PPG paints are supposed to work .

The next step in the powder-coating process would be applying another layer of aluminium oxide which may increase durability and reduce scratches from being caused by other riders. This second layer also strengthens the first one a little more so it’ll be able to hold up against longer trails and who knows what else .

If you have wheels, backpacks or anything other than seat posts sticking out of your saddles then those will begin getting filled with powder eventually too so take care not to let these cause any repair costs down the road either if they’re metal.

All that’s left to do after that, is once you’re looking at your bike the way it’s meant to be and there aren’t any weak areas by where paint may have been peeled off, then backing up should take no time at all .

The ground will likely start out soft since other riders who came before probably paved some of it already or sprayed something on which could still make a mess showing through. But this bad part doesn’t need to happen anymore because powder -coating is going to go a long way if not completely revolutionising how bikes are built in the future.

The Right Coatings For Your Bike

A bike is a highly personal and unique piece of machinery which you will find out about over time that its condition greatly changes describing your lifestyle. If they’ve been overexposed to the elements – such as humidity – then proper coating treatment may be needed in order to preserve it.

The chainstay area on bikes can always benefit from either primer or paint depending on how much maintenance has gone into it and what materials it’s made from. The chainstay should be totally bare to allow the metal to breathe without repainting or clutter, but never paint over parts of your bike which you weren’t intending on keeping alive such as handlebars unless asked by a professional independent company like Bike jacket for example.

Cost Of Powder Coating

Cost Of Powder Coating

There are some cheap powder coatings available on the market, but you have to always check that these powders meet all your bike’s needs. It is important to know if there are any certifications or guarantees of quality provided by one brand over another as this gives you a good indication about the performance and durability of the product before purchasing it for use with your bike.

You can ask them to cover those areas which usually tend to bend such as the down tube, the seat stays and some other areas on your bikes which can just be coated with powder paint. The more expensive ones often come with longer warranties of up to two years compared to cheaper brands that may offer one year or six months depending on their quality standards.

Cost To Powder Coat Per Bike Frame

This depends on the size of your bike and can go from $95-225. This must include labour but does not, in certain cases, include any shop supplies such as media or grinding disks for example. You will also need a compressor which you can use to fill up the chamber with paint and air it out before vacuuming so that all dust is removed etc. There are other cases whereby one needs multiple cans of powder paint because there are various parts of the frame in different places.

A full length powder coating may run you anywhere from $500-$5,000 or more depending on circumstances like how many sections they will need to paint per item and what size bike it is. The more expensive brands may offer an 8-year warranty on powder coating which is quite nice.

These manufacturers will only work with large companies in fact, so if your bike has areas of the frame where they cannot get to you must go through their dealerships using different shops nearby.

Factors To Consider When Powder Coating Your Bike

It is important that you have to consider several factors before undertaking the task of powder coating your bike. You have to factor in time, money and effort as it can all be too much hassle for you if not planned perfectly beforehand. Budgeting the time required to work on your bike’s frame is also an important factor.

You have also to figure out how many bikes you may want powder coated plus what types of finishes will be chosen for each of them. It can very well add another couple months or more onto your timeline if you would like to try fitting every finishing job available so it is best not unprepared than anyone else. Some factors are:

Labor Cost

Labor Cost is one of the most significant issues you should consider. You have to factor in how much labor comes with powder coating a bike because it may not be cheap even for an expert. So, if you know deep down inside that this really is something necessary for your bicycle then at least begin saving money up for this purpose so you can pay cash and do the process without too many headaches later on down the line.

A professional can help handle all of these concerns and help you save more time on the thing that saves you money – maintenance.


Bike powder coating tends to come in several sizes and you might want to consider this before starting the whole process. You will need a few buckets of material for each bike and there can be all kinds of odd-shaped areas on your bicycle that may end up requiring more amounts than what is normal.

Then again, it could not cost too much if done correctly so you should definitely know how many pieces are required beforehand then start saving goodness knows how long . The quantity of bikes that will require every process may vary every time depending on many factors so there is no formula.

If you’re not sure, it’s best to just secure a few commonly used sizes before getting all the pieces together so your costs are at par with demand instead of costing extra money for supplies because they were out-of-hand too.


Depending where you live in the world, labor cost increases substantially if working in your own space. But for jobs like powder coating, getting experienced labor is not necessary because it’s all done by machinery and the machine handles the materials rather than letting two humans handle them. You can still hire laborers to help hold things while working.

Powder coating machines are safe enough unless you’re cozying up air inside via a compressed air bottle or something of equal scale which creates high levels of heat along with the material. The only part that needs extra protection is when oil gunning so having someone nearby can help you in case of an emergency.

Choice Of Paints

Powder coating offers more than just camouflage colors as it can be mixed with your choosing to create new colors. Powders will last longer but you’ll find that along time after mixing and painting, the color might start getting worn off so again preparation is necessary before starting on this project.

You may also decide on using metals or mixtures of materials for camouflage finishes depending on what style bike you’re going to paint and therefore require an even better final result than just colouring it using powders.


1. Can Powder Coating Be Removed?

The short answer to this question is no. Once the job has been done and you’re happy with your choice of finish then it cannot be removed.

This means that if you’re not happy with the end result we’ve supplied or any other reason for removing powder coating from a bike then you simply can’t unless someone somehow makes it happen by filing off all these layers and conditioning again afterwards as there are several processes involved in shooting metal through metallic powder .

This is such a strong bond that it cannot be removed by traditional methods like grinding and sandpaper.

2. Can I Get My Bike Powder Coated In White, Silver or Gold?

Powder coating is a way of applying protective coatings on metal components without the use of ultra high temperatures and chemicals that can be harmful to health.

It relies on an already highly heated chamber where it performs several seconds under pressurised steam creating a thick bubble which then encases its subject in order to protect them from outside attacks such as water, corrosion and scratches.

3. Do You Offer Any Kind of Warranty on Your Work?

The powder coating process offers some very good hard wearing qualities, properties that can last more than 3 decades of continual use.

The work therefore also includes the two-year warranty which you will be covered for all repairs or defects after the original expiration date by their product returns policy. If it is offered on some brands this whole extended warranty may extend to 8 years.

4. What Materials Do You Use for The Powder Coating Process?

Powder coating can be applied on any metal surfaces uniting them in one uniform surface which is difficult to produce by other product manufacturing methods.

METAL BASE offers several different materials for this purpose including stainless steel, zinc plated mild steel and chrome 3-aluminium alloys just take a look at the powder coated bike section for more info about what each material entails .

5. How Long Does It Take to Powder Coat a Bike Frame?

From start to finish here at METAL BASE it can take 1 to 4 business days for the powder coating process. This is only including the time required for filling, charging & prepping of all tools and materials involved which also includes drying time between applications until final heat formed water evaporation stage.

6. Is there any kind of customisation that I can expect for the powder coating process?

Yes, if you want to include some sort of personal touch on your bike frame using our custom logo or designing logos unique to METAL BASE then it is possible by taking advantage of the free 3D design facility which they offer.

You may also go high level with different colourways and finish options offered but make sure it falls within their product guidelines as designs are developed at their expense.

7. Can the Powder Coating Process Be Applied to Other Types of Metal?

For METAL BASE, they have recently relocated production locations so that they can now offer both automotive and industrial materials on all parts of their product line before launching into more new technologies for this company in the future.

However depending on your needs you may fit any kind of material within certain ratios or combinations including anything from glass fibre composite to wood or even exotic certifications like aerospace alloys or any kind of semi precious metals.


We’ve written this blog post to help you find out the cost of powder coating a bike frame. The process is often done at your house or workshop. However, most of the companies that offer this service don’t advertise it as such and expect you to bring in a stainless steel frame with no rust on them.

If you are looking for this services then it would be wise to put your request in with the firms that have outfitted deals with us. With our resources readily available, we will do everything possible to help you place an order or even guide you through each step of powder coating a bike frame so that by the time possession comes around, not only will it look flawless but also function as one peace. I wish you can get your desired idea about how much does it cost to powder coat a bike frame.

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