Cervelo Vs Pinarello Bike Comparison – Which Is Better?

Despite the fact that both these brands were born in Italy, they have completely different approaches towards cycling.

When you compare the bikes’ specifications and design, it is easy to understand why: Pinarello bikes are very beautiful and classy while cervelo bikes look more like the average bike.

So, which bike is better, Cervelo Vs Pinarello? Although you will find a lot of similarities between them, we can see that cervelo has a lot more in common with racing bikes.

However, if you take a closer look at both bikers’ careers and road races they have done so far, their approach seems to be more relevant for the average person.

By comparing both bikes you can easily see the difference in approach and philosophy between these two brands. If you want to get into the details, there are plenty of articles that will let you read about it.

Cervelo Vs Pinarello

History Of The Cervelo And Pinarello

History Of The Cervelo And Pinarello

Both brands can trace their origins back to bicycle factories and Italian cities.

History cervelo pinarello which company created the first bike Brand was founded in Milan in 1890 Pinarello Bicycle Company named after Giuseppe Mariani creates bicycles under private label instead of distributor, it is called “Pinada” 1993

The name changes into Pinarell Bike Ceramics start producing cycling frames with innovative technologies such as carbon fiber 2011 Company moves operations to Ireland, significant investment will be used to achieve commercial success

1. Pinarello Bikes

Pre-production bicycle factory in Morbio, near Milan, is founded 1890 Pinarello Bicycle Company is born 1925 2 year old Giuseppe Mariani founds the company which will be named

“Pinada” 1950 A new plant with annual capacity of 30 000 bicycles left for production facility Villa Molgora near Cinisello Balsamo 1964 Bankruptcy 1939 Post office mail box opens business as Pinarello Di Rendetta, the post office provides a name for bikes as “Pinarell”.

In 2013 Pinarella will be re-hired as founder of company 1988 Ettore Bombelli leaves the formation of Ceramiche Franco Sarto 1987 House is not named in 1990s and it is changed to BMC bicycles production plant Villa Molgora.

1995 Sales start with only frames 2001 Headquarters changes from Cinisello Bals amo to Ceramiche Franco Sarto 2013 Opening of Head Office in Dublin.

2. Cervelo Bikes

The company’s roots can be traced back to the year 1887, when came into operation an English-Italian engineering workshop. Giovanni Micheu was founder of “Ettore Ceramiche”. Fit frames and production

and design with American Cinelli founded factory in Milano (near Bicicletta Lombardia) 1991 The brand changes its name to Skil-Shimano 2006 Cervelo begins creating custom bikes for individual sale 2007.

The last American made bicycles are sold in production facility Villa Molgora . 2013. Head office will move to the Athenry Athenry, Republic of Ireland .

From black to green. Cervelo manufacturing facility will be named Villa Olimpia (which roughly translates as “Eden”.) Later, in 2013 they make a green bikes logo for their bicycle brand.

Quick note: The Cervelo Vamoots an e-bike that will be launched in October 2013 is very similar to the Bosch powered Motobecane Flash Evo Power and Range Sport E Bikes .

Riding Experience

Riding Experience


When it comes to bike brands, there are two that are always at the top of the list – Cervelo and Pinarello. Both bikes have unique design features that make them a blast to ride.

If you’re a performance-oriented rider, you’ll love the capabilities of a bike from either of these brands. You can choose which is right for you based on your riding style and preferences. For example, if you’re a beginner, a bike from Pinarello is a great option.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a bike that can handle a bit of a challenge, go for a bike from Cervelo. No matter your choice, you can be sure that you’re getting a high-quality bike that will give you years of good performance. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping for the perfect bike today.

Differences Between Cervelo Vs Pinarello

Differences Between Cervelo Vs Pinarello

One of the main differences between Bottecchia frames and Pinarello is in materials, with carbon fiber becoming more common since 2000.

First Mountain bike frame bearing stamped signature of Ettore Bombelli started to be used by Cervelo thus avoiding possible copyright infringement (the same goes for some Trek bicycles)

The brands are different in their approach towards specific pricing levels. With Bottecchia even lower end models have an aggressive pricing, it is similar with Pinarello as well.

In both cases the least expensive model comes closest to Bottecchia’s approach where a very expensive custom bike should be considered as another matter altogether to get close to the brand’s way of life.

The most drastic difference between both brands is in terms of their engineering approach and design philosophy, Pinarello frames are made with no fewer than 6 different tubes (or discs) pressed to one single frame.

It share turn-circle reinforcement matrix shapes 100% carbon fiber blunts steel edges, has an exclusive continuous beam seat tube instead of conventional dropouts ,and what else?

It also involves a 360º steel shaped airfoil tube. For a total of 7 pieces of metal instead million plastic resin parts. So there you have it 😉

The most interesting bikes to me were the ones since new Bianchi and Giordana models cater more toward a generic market.

There is less talk about their individual corporate identity and more commitment towards retail for profit than developing an expensive high end product that will gain attention from consumer enthusiasts of limited means/ desires.

The Progetto Pinarello forces this exact line on each new bike model but with some subtle differences such as changes in 5 panel carbon fillet brake to a 4 panel one for the Vincero SL. And it looks as though Bianchi is also going down this road.

And there you have it, 2 companies that have followed similar paths but in different directions now offer very separate visions from those of five years ago and where they want to take their carbon fiber based industry as a whole.

The long term future of Pinarello is more secure than Bianchi which still has room to improved.

Both companies’ frames continue to dominate podiums but I’m still waiting for that first Bianchi or Pinarello ‘to last more than 1 season!’

They can keep dreaming their own dreams of future aerodynamics at the same time as working within the current ESA regulations.

So what about the future of Big-Ass tires and clincher rims? In early February, Rok tube got a good look at two current developments from our pals from Specialized.

Their new Venge follows in Cannondale’s successful strategy that began with the then industry exclusive 26″ X 4.5 Inch max tire choice last year then expanded to 29ers this season.

Then you have Kytrax which is obviously going to prove popular with tourers including all new S-Works, Trek and even one day the Cervélo R5.

What’s next? Well let’s not mention tubes but Specialized is taking us back to 40s times of tire choice for road bikes too.

Although looking at what I am sure will be new chainstays lengths (I think 7″ like XT) our research team had an opportunity of seeing two rims developments from the Specialized camp.

They are Pure, imagined by Endura’s head product designer Brian Marks and ergoX with an ultra wide 25mm rim made from their proprietary material called Billet – they call it ‘ Air-Reinforced Double Butted Carbon Fiber .’ And now you have to see pictures of what this looks like in the real world!

The first photo is just for illustration but 2015 would be about reaching into your wallet that tiny bit extra to buy such a nice accessory.

It’s all about balancing your wallet and using rims like this will take some while before they can be found in any shop or even among normal non-factory wheels..

Pinarello Bike Design and Engineering

Pinarello Bike Design and Engineering

Back in 2009 when I first stumbled across Pinarellos I was selling a lot of road frames. Royal Pinarello has always been solid, buying high performance bikes from the company seemed to pay dividends and at this time frame prices were steadily increasing all over Europe.

In 2010 with its CRP2 offering it seemed that their lightweight Columbus aluminum tubing technology was sufficiently groundbreaking to make them ultra sexy for both collectors and riders too.

Pinarellos had climbed onto this proverbial rocket to the moon, catching up with Italian traditional design but mixing it with modern technology to get there quickly enough.

I met close friends who’d bought them in early days of the bikes’ life (days before my arrival) so they were purchasing en-masse for their partners or girlfriends – forget what you just read here guys rider count was soon emptying out catalogues across Europe.

The sky had become the limit with these guys for new frames, development was spurred on by demand of their athletes and industry professionals who were pushing them hard to go faster yet still be so light they’d fail their teams if delivered any heavier than our winters’ maximum weight.

That’s what kept discipline amongst team riders too – there is no more cost/benefit ratio or competitive justice when you cleary cannot ride better due to weight burden which is why I attribute the loss of these teams’ dominance to this reason.

It is quite clear now however that they all adapted their training etc. making optimal use out of frames available to them, pure endurance sports are not always as high impact on your body except perhaps with cyclists who spend so much time in cars/motorcycles due along retards fatigue for performance or lack thereof.

Pinarello have historically had a good record with regards to longevity too – someone once wrote they’d been repairing their bikes for over 20 years now.

Pinarellos sported such amazing looks and timeless, clean design (that I always appreciated the look of as a kid) meant they gained instant celebrity status who’s handiwork we see today in modern kids clobber too;

Everyone wants to be like those super tricky kiddies with skater shoes and “grown up” bike! For some , that cool factor alone may be enough to keep them going – then there is the mantra – “I need a bike don’t I? Hurrah, what’s my weight?”

Unfortunately so many of their models feature proprietary bottom brackets and super long cranks which has been mirrored today by even allen Krabs.

The power transmission systems have always been good however not as good as later models from other companies either… Pinarello (today) are still highly respected bike makers of course,

Basically, the only Italian brand to survive for this long – along time ago I even made note that one day Pinarello would pass over brands like Colnago or Wilier into historic status. Showbiz if you will…

To me again they remain somewhat obsessed with efforts towards weight reduction which is perhaps not surprising now as these bikes are among some of most famous ever made so maybe all attempts at perfection.

Cervelo Bike Design and Engineering

Cervelo Bike Design and Engineering

My main love for this brand has been because of the overall handling and reliability – so I never wondered where they got their ideas from,

But Cervélo have a well deserved reputation as being secretive , stubbornly focused on going it alone to perfection whilst excelling in world tour ranks at pro level.

One just knew that no matter what was initially said about them that eventually things would be revealed or shouted loud enough across any particular news cycle…. first it was that all carbon frames were first hand and later than the boring method of outsourcing production.

One knew that they kept control over all aspects to their specifications – aka what other bike makers should have been doing…

All about price too as it should be, for those devoted fans still keep posted this way: http://www.ciresamaritalavelo.com/ The jury (me) (yes I suspect also including you) focus very much on the way these bikes feel and perform great…

Yes you can cite other brands , but I’d say there’s no bike brand to touch Cervélo in terms of how they handle and descend.

Pinarello Bike Price Range Vs Cervelo Bike Price Range

Pinarello Bike Price Range Vs Cervelo Bike Price Range

I’d simply say that just seeing these words makes one realise how financially formidable Cervelo is.

When good carbon bikes first started to hit the market, Cervélo had established its range well above Pinarello’s 1750 Euro status before it came down yet again with the launch of new models in 2003-2004 (now both are stable around €3500).

Also at this point you wouldn’t be worried about drape if working on a Cervelo or Pinarello bike, whereas making sure the chain stayed on would have been a genuine niggle.

As for pricing – well if you’re asking me to pick just one, then I’d say that I prefer having 4x over Tiagra so money isn’t exactly left wanting in terms of cost, especially when it helps pay off all those niggles which occur with Cervélo bike.

What Is The Difference Between Pinarello And Cervelo?

What Is The Difference Between Pinarello And Cervelo

When it comes to bike brands, there are a few that come to mind – Cervelo and Pinarello being two of the more popular choices.

Mostly, these bikes are similar in terms of features and design, except for the price tag. If you’re looking for an all-around high-end bike, then a Pinarello is a better option.

However, if you’re looking for a bike with a wider range of features, then a Cervelo is a better choice. Additionally, Cervelo bikes are faster and handle better than Pinarello bikes.

This is due to the quality of their components. So, if you’re in the market for a high-end bike, and don’t mind spending a bit more, then a Cervelo bike is a good option.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Possible to Convert My Current Bike Into a Track Bike, So I Can Ride Them Both on the Same Day Without Feeling Like I’m Compromising My Speed on Either of Them?

Even if you manage to separate ‘performance’ and road bike ethos, it would be hard to argue against the fact that Cervélo has always felt longer than Pinarello when in action.

Also find yourself looking back at all your favourite riders riding this very sort of bike so there’s no shame in simply deferring further comment beyond saying both bikes are well within their class.

Forgive me for not posting again soon but I’m due to get married in November so I’ve not been able to post much here.

Suffice it to say that an old Cervelo SL405 changed hands amongst friends and is now resplendent with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS10 digital camera, ready for action when we take her abroad shortly.

2. Which One Should I Buy, Cervelo or Pinarello?

This is a very difficult question to answer. It is important to understand that both these bikes are top of the line and can be found in pro cycling.

However, if you want to save money and get a good bike for training purposes then cervelo will be your best bet because it offers excellent value for money.

3. What Is the Difference Between Cervelo and Pinarello?

Cervelo is a bike manufacturer that produces road bikes and triathlon bikes. It was founded in the year 1988 by Ernesto Cervelo.

Pinarello is a bicycle manufacturer which was founded in 1946 by Angelo Pinarello, who also had his own cycling team. It was bought out by another company called Colnago and it now manufactures high-end racing bicycles and frames.

4. How Do You Choose Which Bike Is Better for You?

A bicycle is a vehicle with two wheels and a frame, one wheel in the front and one in the back. It has been around for over 100 years and has been popular since its invention by Karl von Drais.

There are many different types of bicycles like:

  • Road bikes: These bikes are designed to go on paved roads and not off-road. They come with light frames that provide high speed for cycling at higher speeds while providing comfort at lower speeds.
  • Mountain bikes: Mountain bikes have wider tires that help riders ride on rugged terrain such as trails, dirt paths, hills, etc.
  • Hybrid bikes: A hybrid bike is made up of both mountain bike and road bike components so it can be used on both roads and trails without having to change gears or buy different parts every time you switch from one type of riding to another. However, each type of bike is different in comparison to the other types so it may be difficult for you to know which one should fit your style best. To assist you with choosing a better bike there are some pointers that will help determine whether or not the bike will suit you based on age, size and riding styles.

5. What Are the Best Road Bike Brands and Why?

The best road bike brands are Trek, Cannondale, Specialized and Giant.

These are the most popular brands because they offer the best quality bikes for a reasonable price. These brands also have excellent customer service which can be hard to find in other places.

For example, Cannondale is known for its aluminum frames that provide an excellent ride without being too heavy or cumbersome to carry around. It also makes great gears that depend on the type of ride you would like to do.

For example, if one is planning a longer ride than 42 miles then they purchase either an 8-speed cassette or 11 speed one so as not to over exert their riding capabilities.


The Cervelo S5 is a race bike that has an aerodynamic design and features Shimano Ultegra components. The Pinarello Dogma F8 is a time trial bike with Campagnolo Super Record components.

These two bikes are very different in terms of design, but they both have similar technology so the decision comes down to personal preference. I hope now you understand the comparison of Cervelo Vs Pinarello.

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