Brooks Swift vs B17 – [Ultimate Review & Guide]

Brooks always strives to be ahead of the curve. That’s why we’ve developed a patent-pending B17 saddle that looks and feels like a more traditional saddle.

It also features a unique cutout for your thighs, which further enhances the fit and reduces pressure on your knees. This allows you to ride more comfortably and with less discomfort. Brooks makes several different saddles, including this Swift model.

The Swift is designed to fit the Brooks Anatomica racing saddle. Other Brooks saddles are also compatible with this saddle, but not all of them are anatomically shaped.

Brooks has made its B17 saddle range popular in the cycling world. However, not everyone likes the idea of using Brooks saddles. To understand why people don’t like Brooks B17 saddles, let’s take a look at the history of the Brooks B17 saddle.

Brooks Swift vs B17

Brooks Swift vs B17 – A Details Guide!

Brooks Swift vs B17

Brooks Swift vs B17 saddle is the best choice for the riders who are looking for a comfortable saddle. Brooks Swift is a very popular saddle among the riders. It is used by all the pros.

The seat height of Brooks Swift is slightly higher than that of B17. Brooks Swift has a more secure, secure, and padded seat. The design of Brooks Swift is also better than that of B17.

Brooks B17 V Brooks Swift

Brooks B17 V Brooks Swift

When it comes to running shoes, there are several options on the market. But which one is the best? This comparison will look at the Brooks Swift and the Brooks B17.

The Brooks Swift costs $130, while the Brooks B17 costs $190. The main difference between the two is that the Brooks B17 makes of synthetic material (nylon) while the Brooks Swift makes natural rubber.

They have a similar design, the only difference being the materials uses. So, which one is the best? That depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a running shoe that’s comfortable and durable, the Brooks Swift is a great option.

Brooks Swift Or B17 Narrow Imperial Saddle?

Brooks Swift Or B17 Narrow Imperial Saddle

When it comes to saddles, there’s a lot to consider. Do you want a saddle that comes with added features or benefits? Is it made from high-quality leather? Is it sleek and profiles?

If you’re looking for a narrower saddle than the Brooks Swift. Then the B17 Narrow Imperial saddle might be a perfect choice.

It’s made from high-quality leather and has a sleek profile, making it ideal if you have a smaller horse or are lighter in weight. Additionally, because it’s narrower, this saddle is perfect if you have a saddle that doesn’t fit your horse well or want to save space.

So, if you’re in the market for a saddle and aren’t sure what to choose, the B17 Narrow Imperial saddle might be the perfect option!

Brooks Swift

Brooks Swift

The Brooks Swift saddle pack was made from heavy cotton duck fabric. It’s a nice and simple bag, but not very large: it cannot contain an average size book (I checked). Side view of a Brooks Swift saddle pack (images thanks to the seller)

The Brooks Swift saddle pack can be attached to the Brooks Flyer or B17 saddle thanks to a long strap that clips onto the side of the seat. The bag has a thick leather strap to secure it around the crossbar.

When it comes to an original Brooks Swift, this bag is very often missing. It looks like it was not part of the original delivery set, which means that you often find it only when someone decided to restore his Brooks cycle to its original condition.

This bag is used in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. It can also be found on British-made bicycles (where it is called a side bag).

Feature Of Brooks Swift

– It’s a great saddle for all types of riding.

– It has a lot of features that make it comfortable and easy to use.

– The padding is soft and comfortable.

– It has a wide seat.

– It has a medium flex.

– It has a medium rise.


– It’s comfortable.

– It’s lightweight.

– It has a lot of padding.

– You can ride in it for hours without getting sore.


– It is not as comfortable as other saddles.

– It can be uncomfortable for some people.

– The saddle is expensive.


Brooks b17 saddle is a more advanced version of the brooks swift. It is a mountain bike saddle with a carbon fiber base and a carbon fiber shell. The shell is covered with perforated leather.

Brooks B17 saddle is an excellent choice for mountain bikers who are looking for an extreme riding experience. It has many benefits like it is lightweight, has comfort features, has good durability, and provides good aerodynamics.

It is the most comfortable saddle you can ever find. The Brooks Swift comes with a unique design, which makes it perfect for people who are riding for hours at a stretch.

The Swift has a relatively narrow nose, which provides an easy fit for your sit bones. It also has a generous curve in the front, which aids in reducing pressure on your knees and thighs.

Feature of B17

– It’s a saddle that is designed to fit a horse with a 17 inch (43 cm) girth.

– It’s made of leather and has an adjustable suspension system.

– The saddle is designed to fit the horse’s back, not the rider’s.


– It’s a great saddle for beginners.

– It’s comfortable and easy to use.

– It has a lot of features that you won’t find on other saddles.

– It’s a great saddle for beginners.

– It’s comfortable and durable.

– It has a lot of padding.


– It can be painful.

– It can be expensive.

– You have to take it every day for the rest of your life.

– It is expensive.

– It can be uncomfortable.

– You have to wear it for a long time.

Brooks C17 S Cotton-Rubber Bike Saddle

Brooks C17 S Cotton-Rubber Bike Saddle

B17 is a great saddle for cyclists of all levels of experience. It’s available in both men’s and women’s sizes, making it perfect for anyone who wants a saddle that is both comfortable and supportive. The saddle makes of breathable cotton padding that wicks moisture away, so you stay dry and cool on hot days. It also features rubber inserts to provide durability and longevity, even over time. If you’re looking for a saddle that will give you years of use, Brooks C17 S Cotton-Rubber Bike Saddle is the perfect option.


It is important to know that the Brooks Swift vs B17 is a bicycle that has both road and mountain bikes. The Brooks Swift can be used for training, racing, and even recreational use. The B17 is only meant for off-road purposes. It has features like suspension, disc brakes, and 27 gears.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Good Road Bike Seats? Brooks Or Others?

Answer: Brooks has been the leader in cycling since 1878 and they offer a wide range of bike seats. The best Brooks seat is the Aurora Seats which comes with extra padding and is more comfortable than others.

2.Best Brooks Saddle For An Everyday Fixed Gear?

Answer: For a day-to-day bike, a Brooks saddle is the best option. They are comfortable and will provide you with the most riding time without discomfort.

The best Brooks saddle for an everyday fixed gear is the Flyer as it has a smaller footprint than won’t inhibit your pedaling or movement on the bike.

3.Are Brooks Saddles Worth It?

Answer: Yes, Brooks saddles are worth it. Brooks saddles have been around for a long time and they have helped cyclists win more races than any other saddle. In fact, in the U.S., they have been called “the saddle that won the Tour de France.

4.Brooks Swallow, Swift Or Team Pro?

Answer: I would say that all three are good options. Brooks is the most expensive and also has a very specific type of shoe (so you know what you’re getting) but it is made for speed and not as much cushioning as the other two.

The Swift is more cushioning than Brooks but has less speed than Team Pro which makes it perfect for those looking to ride longer distances. Lastly, Team Pro has a nice mix of both and provides an excellent value.

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