Brooks C15 Vs C17 – The Details Comparison

Brooks has released two new trainers. The launch of the C15 and C17 is a sign that Brooks is trying to maintain its position as one of the leaders in road running. We take a look at the similarities and differences between these two models, and which one is right for you.

I have been using Brooks trainers for about 15 years. I first tried the C14 as a relative newbie to the world of racing and found it brilliant, so raced in them exclusively until they went through development cycles that eventually led me to appreciate how good other models were too.

Since then I’ve worn out several pairs of boots from New Balance, Altras and Asics among others – all boasting comfortable uppers with excellent cushioning and a range of built-in features to make your run as bespoke as possible. let’s get to the brooks C15 vs C17.

Brooks C15 Vs C17

What Is Brooks C15?

What Is Brooks C15

The C15 is a newly created shoe, launched last year. It’s pretty much a carbon copy of the original R10 – with optical outlining on the heel and instep to help you to lock your foot into place – issued over 10 years ago.

The sole has been overhauled, though; the previously-proven KSwiss DNA is still there in abundance (albeit not visible to the naked eye).

It’s this DNA that makes Brooks C15 such a winner. It gives you incredible comfort, supremely stable support and control when running across varied ground surfaces with good grip. The fact it isn’t exactly new in 2017 shouldn’t worry you unduly; its predecessor last sold well over half a decade ago.

What Is Brooks C17?Brooks C17

From what I can tell, the C17 is a Brooks evolution of both the 17 and 18 that were released last year.

The new model uses an interchangeable set of LGW Carbon Heel-20mm Collar system to customise uppers for different foot shapes on either side, while simply swapping out inserts ensures you get consistent cushioning support throughout your run. It also boasts wider midsole geometry with improved heel containment through integrated AC AP technology which sits between the collar and midsole.

Brooks C15 Vs C17 – Comparison In 2022

Brooks C15 Vs C17 – Comparison In 2022

Over the years, I’ve used Brooks trainers either alone or as part of a wide range of other supportive clothing. However, since I’d last delved back into this old trainer versus new debate in February 2015, my budget has pretty much doubled for training runs primarily consisting primarily running and occasional trail orienteering – largely having to do with maintaining good form on longer trail oriented runs :

C17 model core DNA remains unchanged compared to existing C14s – more importantly including the accurate structure and alignment of the foot (including, presumably, better in-shoe orthotic support), production methods have changed since 2015.

Make No Mistake – Brooks is not standing by its moulds here so much as reworking them to meet what they call current needs for runners’ feet : “The changes include an asymmetric upper which provides a closer fit around your heel while still giving plenty of room in the toe box.

New reinforcements have been applied to areas on the shoe that are known to be under pressure or strain.” Models sport more dorsum width for greater toe splay, longer toes area and wider forefoot so I guess aimed at people with more ubiquitous calves.

Brooks C17/C15 fabrics remain unchanged although some users complained of an unusual problem that the shoes tended towards dust-mite build up which seemed normal during October race season after months of Italian track ( the shoe is more urban than trail orienteering rather than out-and-back). That said, both shoes are very durable and weatherproof.

For casual use at home, I’ve used some older C14/C15 models but they aren’t my preferred trainer; it’s almost surprising no one has done a break comparison here given how recently all these changes have occurred.

My own view is the new model should be fine for most but among the likes of me, an average to below-average forefoot striker , I have found myself pushing hard on one foot while careful not to overstride.

Its being somewhat worked out now so nothing too troubling there but it might be worth bearing in mind that you may prefer them more structured or easier if your shape means finding something that sits comfortably without needing an immediate change.

Do keep in mind also Brooks C -series sales are fairly limited these days (especially the older, lower-volume Kinvaras) whereas I fully expect current Hoka shoes to be very popular although more for trail/outdoors running than everyday business. Also, keep in mind colors lighten with washing so if you’re buying online they’re not guaranteed identical compared to how they look now.

Talking about Brooks unfortunately there’s still no confirmation on whether or people have gotten the wear -repaired trail-blazers or not. I guess the 27 is intended to be “the” trail shoe but it wasnt really designed for that kind of use, after all its thinner depths reduces cushioning and fit which is ideal for long duration high workout volumes (although thats hardly any different from anything else).

Overall, Brooks seems to have missed a good opportunity with this new generation – by simplifying the design too much , they ‘ve allowed other people to steal the show. While other companies have long been experimenting with new comfy lightweight minimalist designs, Brooks has done nothing in at least a decade and while there is still some clamoring for more models from different price points it remains disappointing that were getting these instead.

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Brooks C15 Vs C17

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Blog Conclusion

There are few differences between the two shoes. The major difference is that Brooks c17 has a wider toe box. This shoe provides better support and more stability for your feet. It is also more comfortable to wear, which can be attributed to its wide toe box. Both of these shoes are very popular among the running community, but Brooks c15 is more affordable than Brooks c17 . These what you know from brooks C15 vs C17 discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which One Should I Buy, Brooks C15 Or C17?

Brooks C15 and Brooks C17 are two different types of shoes.

The main difference between the two is that Brooks C17 has a more supportive upper to offer greater comfort and stability. The other difference is that Brooks C17 has an increased amount of cushioning.

2. What Are The Benefits Of Getting A More Expensive Brook’s C17 Over A Cheaper Brook’s C15?

In general, the cheaper brook’s c15 is a good option if you are just starting out. It will be easier to learn how to play with a cheaper instrument because there is less that can go wrong and it is not as complicated.

However, if you have been playing for a while and want to upgrade your sound, then going for the more expensive brook’s c17 would be a better option.

3. Is Brooks C17 Comfortable?

It is not the best fit for riders with wide feet, as it has a snug fit.

The Brooks C17 is designed to be used by medium to wide-footed riders who have medium to high arches.

4. What Size Brooks Saddle Should I Get?

Brooks saddles are made in a variety of sizes and will fit most riders. The size that you should get depends on your height, weight, riding style, and preferred shape.

The ideal saddle for you is the one that fits you best. If it is too big or small, then it won’t be as comfortable as it could be.

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