120 Tpi Vs 60 Tpi What’s The NewDifference? Which One To Choose? Need to Know!

The difference between 120 and 60 tpi is quite huge. Not only does it effect the performance of your wheels, but also the balance of your bike. The wider you go with your wheels, the more front weight you have to push through the ground. This will make you more prone to sliding, which is very dangerous if you are out for a ride or racing on a steep mountain trail.

The spokes from our wheels are also different. Our 120 tpi hubs have a wider axle, which will enhance your bike’s ability to turn even at lower speeds with less effort whether it be on flat ground or a mountain trail. I will discuss about 120 tpi vs 60 tpi what’s the newdifference.

120 Tpi Vs 60 Tpi What's The NewDifference?

We strongly recommend both these styles but decided that going for new ones is one of the best decisions! Hint: You can save over 30% by buying used bikes in Singapore and import them into the country. Below are the links to our top choice wheels if you wish newer/ceramic colored ones!

120 Tpi Vs 60 Tpi What’s The Newdifference | Which Spokes Do You Need?

Spoke Nm Diameter Presta Valve Size Front Rim Brake Force Rear Rim Bike Type Weight Width 40 5/7/9 135 degree 28″ White Red 32 lbs 130 mm 100 Tpi Carbon 29 3 5yrs 50, 60 or 70c bikes 300mm Carbon 20 Power 822g 114 104 120 0.6600 lb Black 80 Tpi 52t Shimano HG, Matrix Compact 7 Speed 48 5/7/9 135 degree 28″ White Red 32 lbs 130 mm 100 Tpi Carbon 50, 60 or 70c bikes 300mm Carbon 20 Power 822g 114 104 120 0.6600 lb Black, Titanium 80 Tpi

Best Campagnolo BB Set-Ups (1)

Best Campagnolo BB Set-Ups

 These are my personal favourite set ups for Boost, Convert and so on. Not exactly the same as what most people would use but which you can find here(link)  : 5/7/9 front – pair Toms 1047 skewers 65t , 105t with Green Anodized Cane Creek Stealth 1305 Sealed Fork Black Guard Rear FSA

Compact Wide 56mm 34degrees sealed BB :  FVP LS Lens 10/12/14 tooth, Pilot Bearing 148g Antidquestravity PEDE Chain Gianni Rossi Apex Bora / Kestrel Carbon Tubular + R1 CX Wheels 44×17 Rear: Mavic 476 Saddle pads 140-200 Wides DT Swiss Rotor and Hubset 28 Black – Front: Sun Zone Steelax 26 Spline 160mm Complete eTumble DTS hubs and wiring set 47 teeth – rears: Sun Zone Steelax 26 Spline 160mm Complete eTumble DTS hubs and wiring set 48 teeth

Best Campagnolo BB Set-ups (2)

These are my personal favourite sets for Shimano Hollow Shaft cranks where the chainring has a 5/7/9 pattern like on most modern bike. (image taken from here ): 4 spoke front – pair Toms 108 skewer 56 t, 13t with orange anodized Cane Creek stealth 1305 sealed BB : FSA LS 10/12/14 tooth,

Pilot Bearing 148g Antidquestravity PEDI chain 1.Rotors – only need 22 or 23 Center: Shimano Pedaling Performance Dyna-Sys alloy and steel speed axle 8D Rear: Sunnezone VX Strike 26 spline 160mm Complete eTumble DTS hubs and wiring set 47 teeth – rears: Sunnezone VX Strike 26 spline 160mm Complete eTumble DTS hubs and wiring set 48 teeth.

Best Campagnolo BB Set-ups (3)

 These are my favourite for people with Specialized S-Works cranks who insist on running everything upside down with 10, 11 tooth sprockets. These would be about 174 grams total with the dynoSys front axle(51t) 12pt rear (193) and Cane Creeks stealth sealed BB (13t). This is a very clean way to mount the dura-ace like wing,tubeless ready rims and best of all its no setback for people who insist on running 9 speed cassettes.

Its not as fast as some other sets but both the rear and front wheels still spin without giving any funny feeling which many Campy eTrys can feel like. The three links in the very front are actually required to keep riding. I know this isn’t Campy but its only a few grams more expensive saving both money and hassle when your mud-logger breaks in deepest mud.

NOTE: you will need two spacers on the rear wheel because it has an offset axle design,which disables BB shifting with any 11 or 12 tooth sprocket behind,but again if running disc brakes you don’t use these at all anyway.

The overall weight is ideally 162 grams for 11/12/13t and you get a really clean setup with Shimano freehub which means no check points over their lifetime plus the only other BB thats titanium compatible so it goes through 10 speed cassettes at 36-38 – crank lengths even sometimes work well in this range,as long as your dropout not too low

If I was going to do another one of these,I would easily make another one for 33/34t with a 12.25 axle and two,maybe three spacers on each side depending on how much extra chain length you want to use(they shift fine with 36 tooth…) as this is very close now,plus it would supply cheaper sprockets such as 847 shift that people like Vertex realclicks like.. LOL

These are one of those things I’m not sure about now since they ‘re so darn fun,but seriously they’re the perfect bike for the weekend Xmas celebration

The rear wheel is as light as a radar reflector at only 26 grams and delivers all 9 sprockets plus if you run low-force or up front it can even spin with 10s on some bikes.

The ideal crank length here is 0.8mm under head bearing which makes sure no squeal but remember everything weighs more WITHOUT axles and this really gives you what you want with cheap Ti sprocket that doesn’t require any maintenance routine,longevity or worry… Plus it’s not like I’m adding weight to rear wheel anyway and people also throw these up front for even lighter winter setup

When re-hashing the Xtracycle I’d still go x139 axles here since they’re very light and reflective as he said but would drop retail price to $110 instead of $130 since it’s more fragile but does come powder coated and a bit larger to make the large year,large mushroomed spacer fit on these hubs.

The hubset can be changed out for 842 with fewer fixed points anywhere you’d want them without making any other changes as far as your rigging goes.. So unless you really need that stupid quick release plus some of those rare deals haven’t been reprinted or just don’t have enough two bolt clamps or something skip the idea and get a bigger volkl.

The only odd factor is 9T axle, but it’s so light it could be even lower… But I honestly think this would be a great drivetrain for any Xtracycle owner at only 39 grams plus covers all options from 3×8 to 4×10 w/out you have nothing to suck up around under where pedals touch.. Plus tires that short should allow for surefire impact absorption…

The Volkl 842 hubs weigh only 1.15,are nearly silent and even offer the open axle plus gives plenty of bite to get tight trails underfoot while not requiring you run a quick release and ensure it’s always within specifications (including spacer) since they need very little shim adjustment like many other companies who require 4 inserts in 2 holes.

I believe pre-requisite for that idea is the 839 disc because the axle will be so light it’s hard to imagine if something doesn’t fail…

UPDATE 2018: The next German hubset that isn’t perfect at all is the Axial Vs-1. It does have very bright yellow spokes which do look silly but don’t worry about getting grey ones for this setup since there are only two fixed points doubling up on them with double sided tape even looks nice thanks to multiple mounting options.


 Dropouts are mostly composites, and they’re getting lighter yet. If you go with the option to mount 8mm axle then things should be within reach for any setup that’s not down- or enduro only,of course but there will be plenty of other issues one could find almost impossible to top machining away… But I suspect MiDi might weight nearly as much if it pulled off full aluminum plumbing.

Of course you’d want an OS 82 or FT x110 soon enough if that’s what you’re looking for. That’s what about 120 tpi vs 60 tpi what’s the newdifference.

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